Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today we stayed home and bonded

Today, I said to myself and the family, I'm staying home. I forgot that today was Build and Grow at Lowe's, but with all the activities this week, Hannah's performance at the Mesa Arts Center, The kids had Math Night on Thursday, and the parades last week, I wanted to stay home and not go out but order my kids to do their chores. Is that mean? I washed clothes and they cleaned. That's not to much to ask for, is it? After the chores were done, I just read magazines and blogs. Meanwhile the kids made their own skits and recorded them.

Then, someone ruined the moment and said we had no milk, no oil, no bread, I had to go to the store. Ugh, I just wanted to stay home. Good new was that the kids wanted to stay home with their productions. No kids with us! Bayardo and I had lunch at Sam's Club; Jumbo shrimp, lamb with asparagus, meatballs, bonbons, pumpkin cheesecake, and egg nog. Thank goodness for samples, they filled me up!
We came home watched Wall-E and ate popcorn. Afterwards, Bayardo made spaghetti and meatballs. The kids said they had the best day in a long time. Funny how I plan activities and yet the one day we stay home and virtually did nothing, and it was the best day ever! Looking back it was. We spent time as a family and bonded:) Moral: Take a break and just spend time together. It's these moments that last a lifetime.
I loved this movie, Wall-E was so special taking care Eve. He made me laugh so much. Mr. B didn't think so, but the rest of us did. He reminded me of a cross between ET and Short Circuit.

Ciao for now,

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