Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I meant to post this on Saturday, however, with my dad visiting from Kentucky, I've been side tracked. Watch for posts from the last two weeks scrunched into one.

I want to start with saying this is the time to reflect all our blessings. With Veteran's Day coming up on November 11th, who's birthday is also Grandma Maria, my step grandma, Brit my stepbrother and my baby Ayla's. There is much to be thankful with our troops out to sea and around the world.
I want to add too that it was my cousin Beto, birthday on November 1st, since I'm mentioning birthdays, and who just recently became a proud dad.

Thanksgiving is coming up. What a wonderful holiday to reflect our blessings with friends and family. Gosh, I really need to start my diet and make room for such blessings, lol.
Thank you for being my friends and family. I came across two old friends, Valeria Ochoa and Christina Garcia. How fun it was to remember old times and still have special feelings for old friends.
Mexican Tamales Naca/CostaRican Tamal
Green Bean Casserole

Typical Food from Central America: Gallo Pinto, Platanos Maduros, Yuca Frito, Chicharones...mmm. I want to add that the drink is Cream Soda.
I would love to hear of some good family recipes to try this thanksgiving. Bayardo and I want to make traditional and cultural food this year so our children remember who we are and where we are from. Bless you all:)
Ciao for now,

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