Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tag Your IT

Okay let's go to the following weekend. The date is October 25th, 2008. Since we took care of our nephew and neice, we switched kids. It's my Step-Dad's Retirement Party from GM. NO Kids allowed so our kids went to a ASU tailgate with The Flores. Nina asked that the kids wear their ASU shirts. Of course we had none, so out I went and bought shirts and football ribbons for their pony tails. Ayla wanted her face painted with "Mitchie" and "Shane" from Disney's Camp Rock. So I said I painted "Mitchie in her cheer outfit" and a guitar for "Camp Rock" She noticed that ASU didn't say Camp Rock, but when I showed her "Rocks" She was okay. "You mean like Camp Rock but since we're going to ASU then we have to put ASU Camp Rock?" Yes Ayla. She is too smart for her britches at 3 years old.

When they got there, the girls posed and Tia rushed them with, "OKAY, Get in the car or your not coming" So I didn't take the boys and Deanna, cousin, too.


Bayardo and I went to Mundo's (My stepdad) Retirement Party
Mundo's Invitation went like this. I didn't think to scan it, but it was nice with the GM logo included trust me.

He’s done his duty for 36 years,
Now it’s time to change gears.
Please join us for a Retirement Dinner Party
Edmundo Meraz
From his dedicated service with GM Desert Proving Grounds
October 25th, 2008
RSVP to (to my sister Luisa) by Oct. 18th
480 xxx-xxxx
Semi-Formal Attire (no jeans)
*No children, please.

The Cook who prepared the tacos, delicioso!

Here my mama and dad, Mundo.

Here I am with my sister Luisa, who did a great job planning.
My sister and my mom planned the event. It was very nice. Catered with Tacos al Pastor, then Mundo's eyes lit up like a little boy when the Mariachi's came in playing. He had no idea the Mariachi's were planned.
Here is all my Tios and Tia's from my mama side.
From the Left: Tia Laura her sister-in-law from a former marriage of my moms brother, no names mentioned. Tia Anna, Tia Lauras sister. Mundo, Tia Mara; Tio Juans wife, brother of my Mama. All Ticos from San Pablo, Costa Rica.

Here's Emmas little family, Alex & Leo'nel, Our oldest daughter.

My brother Sebastian or C-bass with Stephani.

Here I am with my brother Marco, who lives in NEW YORK CITY!... nah, the Bronx.
Gosh my legs and face were glowing and I wasn't even wearing nylons! Scary! Whats worse is reality check, I need to start walking. I'm so blessed to have a husband who loves me for me and not physically. He is truely my soul mate. I love you babe!
Bayardo and I left before it was over. We took advantage of our alone time and decided to go to the movies. Our luck, nothing good, so we went to Apple Bees for desert and went home and pulled out the romantic movies, 13th Warrior and Gabriel Iglesias...LOL. The next morning we went for a Bike Ride and went to Einsteins Bagel for breakfast. Later Nina brought our kids and our date was over. We decided to Take turns every month. So lets see for now.

FYI: Have I mentioned I have 6 brothers and 2 Sisters plus to step siblings.

  • Luisa, Marco, and Sebastian are sibling from my Mama and Mundo.
  • Jorge and I, are from the same parents.
  • You've seen Deborah, Derik, and Daryl, they're from my Papa and the belated Belinda.
  • Then Joshua is my brother from my Papa and Connie. Connie has Jill and Brit from a previous marriage.

Here my Papa and Connie.
Hope that all made sense.
Ciao for now,

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