Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gilbert Day's Parade

Gilbert, AZ are having their annual Gilbert Days. This year the town of Gilbert started with their parade the weekend before their rodeo. So today, Saturday the 15th of November, we went to celebrate with their annual parade.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio started off the parade. Bayardo asked why I was taking a picture of him. I thought it was funny how he didn't look to happy with all the Latinos in the crowd and it bugged him that I was waving. Before I waved he smiled at the crowd next to us who where non-Hispanic, hmmm, and they say he's not racist.

You can see the beady glare through his glasses. That was my the start of my laughter. I love parades, I always get teary eyed. As long as there are no clowns! Never like clowns.
We saw many of the dancers & Veteran's that were in the Mesa Veterans Parade earlier this week so I'll spare you duplicate pictures. There were many of religious floats: Lutherans & lots of Non-Denominational Christan Church's. Many advertising companies like Remax and Watson flowers who were actually passing out fresh flowers to mothers, ahh.
We saw all kinds of Bikers.

World War II biker, Ducati Bikers who I chose not to take pictures of, because...
I like real bikers, and...

A double-dutch bike? See spidey?

There were even police officers on bikes going up and down. See the officer going the opposite of the parade? I loved this advertisment; Need your grill replaced? Ha-Ha, right on the grill of the truck. Bayardo asked where were the Biker Boyz, they should be in there....
Who are the Biker Boyz the he refers to?......
The LDS Missionaries:) Which by the way they were not at the parade, I found this image. He thought since there were so many independent churches in the parade, that all the biker boyz and while the sister missionaries ride in the car, should have passed out pictures Christ and Book of Mormons. I told him that wasn't a bad idea, I don't know if they could. So he said that the primary should have a float dressed as biker boyz then. Food for thought. This coming from a non-member speaking very seriously about spreading the word of Christ, and yet...may be someday. Anyways,

Here are girl scouts spreading their word of RECYCLE!.

Another trash statement.
There were belly dancers,
Mexican Dancers,
Wizard of Oz dancers,
and Asian Dancers. We were Celebrating!
Tiger even was there, actually it was the mascot for Gilbert High.
There were horses with..
the Sheriff's Posse,
Ms. Rodeo,

What the...Bayardo and the kids look on,
Even two legged, walking horses?!
There were all kinds of cars,
Fast Ferrari Cars, lil' cars (how and the world did that full grown man fit?),

Even Flintstone cars!
This poor boy, he hardly had room in his box. He still has 2 miles to walk through the parade!

And a sleigh...
Yes, it was a fun parade for all.
Ciao for now,


Kerby Family said...

I love how your family is always out and about doing stuff together. There really is no better joy than seeing your kids happy and excited. Looks like fun. Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Kerby Family said...

PS. love the picture of Joe!