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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wash Your Hands

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Has the Swine Flu Hit you?
I work Part time at my children's school. We have not had any confirmed swine flu reported to our school. However, we have had up to 20% of the school out for respiratory and "Regular" Flu, including myself. I was out for 3 days and technically was not suppose to return to work but did. I have had my kids out one by one. So I'm Sick of being sick and everyone around me.
I just want to express to everyone, WASH YOUR HANDS, cover your mouth, all the old teachings are true! Many thought that the epidemic was a fluke and over exaggerated. However, the flu slows down in the summer. Once the season is over and it starts the Swine flu can become stronger. It seems that we are going through the second wave of the flu. Please, protect your self and others. Stock up on food and water. If the flu hits home avoid public places and rely on your supplies. Note: It's very important to wash for 20 seconds, otherwise your rinsing your hands with soap. Here are some Ad's on washing your hands.

Bee Well!
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