Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Poem

I haven't really been posting much. However, I wanted to share this Springtime Poem from Mrs. CF Alexander. The artwork is by Tasha Tudor. I spoke of Ms. Tudor a few blogs ago, click here.
I love spring as much as I love Fall. So Maybe I'll post a few spring photos I like as I come across them.
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I need to post Friday Favorite Book

Pioneer Woman

I'll be posting this weekend. However, I had to let you in on this giveaway from Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. But you have to comment on What your Plans are for this Weekend.
I love these measuring cups from Anthropologie, Your choice. That is if your chosen.

Photos are by Pioneer Woman.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

How does your garden grow?

I have a small home with a small yard. Really,really small yard. So like many, with small yards, you think you can't grow a garden. Well come and see a real quick tour of mine.
These are my tomatoes both Roma and Beefstake.

This is the cinnamon basil growing amongst the white onions in the tub.

This is my Aloe Vera plant who with its gorgeous spring blossoms, brings color to the desert and my garden. The humming birds love the nector.

This my red pepper plant in a pot.

My Flowers and Fairies who made themselves at home.

For the next hour or two depending what time zone your at, Ree Drummond, "The Pioneer Woman" is giving away (4) $250.00 gift cards to my favorite; along with Walmart, Kohls, Home Goods,Ikea, and Desert Book, store Lowes:Lets build something together!

Hurry and leave a comment for her under home and garden or click on my blue bug button. Good Luck!
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Friday, March 13, 2009


What does these photo have in common?

Its the stuff I want to buy and more, but I can't make up my mind at

Emma, my oldest, has told me she is taking me out for my birthday tomorrow. So off to IKEA we'll go. ooh! I cannot decide what I want and eat. I've never shopped there less than 3-4 hours at a time. It's so Big!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

My baby brother turns 21 years old today.
Joshua Kyle Everett Ayala,
those dang latinos with the long names.

Joshua lives in Kentucky with my other brothers. Joshua and I didn't grow up together but like the saying goes, Blood's thicker than water, and when one's in trouble Best to seek out a relative's open arms. What better relative than your oldest sisters and brothers? Joshua is only a year and a half older than my oldest daughter, Emma. To think that when he turned two years old, he was an uncle with a 6 month niece. I do know that Joshua loves his family and using his mind and figuring out things. At 21, what do we know? My wish is that you find who you are and trust in our Heavenly Father and in Jesus, Mijo. You know how to choose the right. I've made lot's of choices in my life that I wish I went with my first prompt and not question it. But let me tell you, that's how we learn. We love you Josh!
click here for your Birthday song.
Ayla wants to include her song to you.
Click here for your Birthday song from her.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There a part of me...

I have always loved the arts and cultures and have had a great respect for such. Being its the month of March and St Patricks Day has come...One of the cultures and traditions that I enjoy dearly are the Irish. I have never been there, however, I've read so many books and watched so many movies that I feel I have. When I think of Ireland and close my eyes I smell, and mind you I'm picturing the country side with a bubbling brook and the sound of waves near by.
I smell green. What the heck is Green smell like? You know, when grass is cut, the forest trees, and haven't you ever chewed on grass and clovers? It's something fresh.
I smell the smoke of fireplaces and bread baking in the air. A true weakness of mine. I prefer fresh bread (irish soda bread or Italian bread) with butter spread on it, and a warm cup of coffee or mexican chocolate; than a cheesecake or pie.

Click on Soda Bread Pic. for history of
the Soda Bread

I feel cool mist air on my face. I hear the waves clashing on the rocks. A dog barking in the distance and sheep baa-ing with the sound of the dogs barking. Is Baa-ing even a word, well I don't care. I hear the trot of horses and the high pitch beep of a car saying Wake Up! I ramble to much. Anywhoo, I have to go my self some day. I love reading history and fairy tales. I want to visit Trim Castle in County Meath. The largest and most important castle in Ireland for several centuries, its garrison of Anglo Normans watched over the ‘dangerous natives’, and took every precaution to ensure the castle was seriously unwelcoming. Uninvited guests were treated to boiling water, tar, arrows, rocks, and other early weapons of mass destruction rained down on them from overhead.
Also, Dunluce Castle in County Antrim. The spectacular castle-crowned crag, on the famous north Antrim coast, was shaped when the sea cut deep into the rock. Dunluce Castle, originally occupied by the MacQuillan family and later the MacDonnells, was besieged by the British in the 16th Century. It’s reputed to be the inspiration for Cair Paravel, the famous castle in CS Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia.
I'm not sure about visiting Leap Castle, lies the village of Clareen what is reputed to be the most haunted castle in Ireland. It has guarded the pass from Slieve Bloom into Munster since the 14th century, and its spectre is a particularly smelly one – it was even witnessed by poet WB Yeats on a stay in the castle. I think I will take photos from a distance.

Carrickfergus Castle, Birr Castle, and Enniskillen Castle are other castles I would like to visit. Dromoland Castle, Castle Leslie and Ashford Castle to name just a few. In these distinguished and dramatic places to stay, you can indulge your decadent side with state-of-the-art facilities, four-poster beds, book-lined libraries and dungeon bars serving up a host of pints instead of a host of horrors! However, I'll pass. It's bad enough that I sometimes can feel spirits, let alone trying to look for them, NOT! Oops, should I have said that.

The Ring of Gullion in County Armagh of Northern Ireland, is a unique geological landform. A ring dyke not found anywhere else in Ireland, the heather clad Slieve Gullion is surrounded by a circle of low hills 40 km in diameter. Slieve Gullion's reputation as Ireland's mountain of mystery arises from its rich associations with Irish legends and myths. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig! Happy St. Patrick's Day on the 17th of March to all!
Ciao 4 now,
Later sometime, I'll talk about other places I'd like to visit.

100th post Giveaway

I know this is last minute but, Check out Debbies site at I like the the shabbiness of her blog. She has wonderful ideas too! One of her giveaways is this Apron*ology magazine. How funny that I just recently posted a subject on my aprons. With that, she added a tote that she made using a pretty Spring print called "Barefoot Roses". I love being barefoot! Of course, the package wouldn't be complete without a Starbucks gift card ($5.00).. Hurry, because she is having her drawing tomorrow on the 4th!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jorge and Diego

Los Pitufos? I guess that's how you say the Smurfs and since I'll be going down memory lane, it's purr-fect.
Today My brother Jorge, or as some call him George/Zach/Dad, turned 37 and My Cousin Diego, or as everyone calls him, simply, Diego/Dad, turned 30, so Happy Birthday.
First, let me say that Diego is like my little brother. He always counted our family, along with his brother Leonardo, in all happening events. They would always call us on the phone to come their home. Even if my Tio Juan and Tia Mara had their social parties and didn't call my mom to invite her. Diego and Leonardo would call and say hurry and come over to the party.
Diego always loved his family and extended family. Still to this day, at Christmas Breakfast, Thanksgiving dinners, and family Birthday Parties, if Diego and Maren are not over, I ask, "Where's Diego?"

Here is Diego with his Beautiful Wife, Maren. He has two precious children; Melia and Jace, who I call Diegito, because he is his mini-me. Below is a picture of Diego this past summer, he like most men I know, has not grown up.
Notice the updated sip and slide, with the new soft landing? I remember it a long plastic liner with no soft landing. If you go back before the slip and slide, you would just hose your patio really good and just slid on the bare concrete. If you were a dare devil, had some dish soap and your really slide of the water and into the bare, bare, in this case, AZ hot griddle bare sidewalk!
Feliz Cumpleaños Jorge!
Anyways, in case you haven't guessed this is Myself and my little brother Jorge at the ages of probably 5 and 2, Luisa wasn't born yet and we stilled lived at Hobson Street. Everyone used to say I looked like Nadia Comaneci, the Romanian Gold Medalist. Anyways...Here's to my brother.
Remember when we would watch Thunder Cats and you were Lion-O and I was Cheetera?
or we would stay up late to watch Cheech and Chong movies
or Bruce Lee Movies and laugh because the words never matched the lips and you would try to mimic by moving your lips and then say something.

Remember begging mom for money till, I think it was more for her sanity than our enjoyment, she would cave in and we would ride our bikes (remember the big wheel and then we upgraded to the GREEN MACHINE)
along with Darren your best friend to
and we would buy...
Then Atari was invented and you would rather spend your money on games than staying alive to eat. Or remember the time Grandma sent you and Beto to buy tortillas and crema with a $20 dollar bill and there was none. So instead of coming home with the money, the two of you spent the money on Pac-Man and Asteroids games.

We would play with your Original Star Wars Characters and none of this Episode Crap.

We also fought a lot, cried a lot, did mischievous stuff together. But I miss you George. I remember that everywhere I went you went too. Birthdays, we had to celebrate it together. Trips, together. That you and I would wish we were apart from one another. Belinda used to tell us, "Someday you'll be apart and you'll always remember that I told you you'll someday miss each other and wish you were never apart." She was right. I wish you were here in AZ or that we just lived nearer to each other. I miss you sooo much. You always knew what I was thinking without saying it. You always know when to call and cheer me up. So if you were here, I would say come over for some carne asada, as we have every Sunday. And I would make your favorite side dish of Spaghetti with meat balls.
Mama would make your favorite, German Chocolate Cake
and we would sing the Mañanitas, if mama Hasn't already awaken you up with a serenade.
Have a Happy Birthday and we hope to see you soon with Jorden and Caleb.
Here is my niece Jorden, Jorge's oldest and only daughter. Look at the Kentucky Hollars.

Here is a beautiful Father Son Photo, my nephew Caleb.

Here are my four brothers in Kentucky.
From Left to Right, Derrick, Jorge, Josh (who's b-day is on the 4th), and Britt.
Ciao for now,
Here's a Topo Gigio, Mañanitas for Jorge and Diego! Click here. Or school to Las Mañanitas on my Playlist at the bottom of the blog so you can hear a birthday serenade.