Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Just tucked in the kids, and turned off the lights, and put on a redbox movie, cuddled with a blanket. Hope everyone had a safe Halloween! I'm tired and will post pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank You Phoenix Channel 3

I was deathly sick two weeks ago. I was sick with fever for 4 days straight in bed, and bronchitis. I guess the best part of being sick is that my husband was watching the news and I vaguely heard...
TV: "Phantom of the Opera is coming to town, call now"
...and I jumped across the bed to reach over the phone...
TV:"Be the third caller and call"...
I hurt and took the air out of my husband,
as I reached for the phone on his night stand...
TV: "and win two tickets for the Phantom of the Opera"
... as I dialed the number and and it rang busy. So I called again...
and it rang and rang and rang and rang and rang...
just as I was going to hang up...
Channel 3: "Your caller number three"
I thought to my self: 'Oh? What caller did I need to be to win these precious tickets?
Channel 3: "Hello?" said the lady
I could barely speak, "Yes I'm here"
Channel 3: "Your caller number three and just won a pair of tickets to the Phantom of the Opera, could I get your name?"
I was more speechless than what I already was.
I got through the call and squeaked a scream of excitement.
I called my mom and asked if she would join me, because other than my youngest girls, she would appreciate the opera, and my husband doesn't do operas. Needless to say, my four-year-old and my 15-year-old were very upset they could not come.
The tickets were for October 28th, 2009 at the ASU Gammage Auditorium.

Last night my Mama and I went. It was spooktackular!
We were on the 7th row Balcony way up there.
If you haven't read or have gone to see Phantom of the Opera,
here is a summed version.
The Phantom of the Opera is set in the year 1911, and opens at the Paris Opera House where its contents are being auctioned off. Raoul, a 70-year-old man in a wheelchair, buys a poster and a music box. When the Opera House chandelier is displayed, he explains how it is connected to the legend of the Phantom of the Opera. Then, with a flash of light, the audience is warped back to the time when the Opera House was at its height.

performed by Kim Stengel
Act I
Next, the audience sees a rehearsal of the opera Hannibal. As Carlotta, the prima Donna, is singing, a backdrop unexpectedly falls onstage. This almost kills Carlotta, and is assumed to be the work of the "Phantom of the Opera."
As the play continues, Christine Daae is introduced. She is a friend of Meg Giry, the daughter of Madame Giry. Christine has been taking opera lessons from a mysterious new teacher. This teacher is referred to as "The Angel of Music,” and seems to be very strict, because after one of Christine's childhood friends, Raoul, invites her to dinner, she turns him down because of her teacher. This mystery teacher turns out to be the Phantom.

He leads Christine to his underground home after Raoul leaves. Here, she sees a vision of herself in a wedding gown, which causes her to faint. She awakens a while later by the Phantom playing music on his organ. She sneaks up behind him and rips his mask off. Out of shock, he takes her back to ground level.
The Phantom sends notes to the Opera managers, Raoul, Madame Girl, and Carlotta in which he demands them to allow Christine to be the lead in the new opera Il Muto. The managers refuses, and appoints Carlotta as the lead and Christine a secondary role. Since the people who received the Phantom's notes did not give in to the demands, chaos begins. The stagehand is killed and Carlotta's voice is stolen. Raoul and Christine result to the Opera House's roof, where they pronounce their love for each other, not knowing that the Phantom is eavesdropping on their conversation. The Phantom becomes very angry, and, out of pure rage, causes the chandelier to crash down on the stage.
Act 2
This act opens up at a Masquerade Ball, which takes place on the Paris Opera House's steps. The Phantom has not been heard of for half a year. Christine and Raoul are secretly engaged--Christine keeps her engagement ring on a chain around her neck. The Phantom appears out of nowhere disguised as The Red Death; he delivers the managers a score from his own opera, Don Juan Triumphant. He wants them to perform this opera, but they refuse at first. A plan is concocted in which they trap the Phantom, using Christine as bait. The managers decide to perform the opera.

The costumes were breath taking.
Great detail in the wardrobe and costumes were sewn.

Christine visits the grave of her father, where she sees the Phantom standing on the grave, trying to persuade her to join him. Raoul appears and takes her away. On the opening night of Don Juan Triumphant, guards and policemen who all want to catch the Phantom surround the theater. As the play nears its end, and the Phantom appears onstage as Piangi, the lead singer. He confronts Christine and takes her back down to his underground lair. Here, he asks her one last time to stay with him forever, because if she doesn't he will kill Raoul. Christine then kisses him, which leaves him astounded, and he lets her go with Raoul. He sits in his throne with his cloak around him as a mob approaches the lair. Meg is the first one of the mob to arrive, and she tears off his cloak. All that is left is the Phantom's mask. -THE END-
Needless to say, it was last night and my Mama and I loved it.
I plan to take my girls next time it is in town.
It was a memory to remember.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I see a Jack-O-Lantern Looking at me

I fly on my broom stick up in the sky...
I see a jack-o-lantern's looking at me...

Then over Martha Stewart's home...
welcoming terra cotta address pots from
Here's DIY Showoff in the Spring
Vintage Postcards with Pumpkins
Tomorrow, I think I'll fly over...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Mrs. Witch

Once a upon a time, when schools were allowed to speak of "God" and saying the pledge freely and not worried of offending someone; and of Christmas Parties, along with Easter Break, not called as today: winter or spring break; there were Halloween Parties at school. The students were allowed to dress up in their costumes. Of course, there were safety issues with those plastic masks that made you sound like Darth Vader, even if Darth Vader didn't even exist then.

I found these past costumes pictures on google images awhile back so I apologize I do not have the sites I got them from.

the original Darth Vader Sound affect masks, lol.
1960-1970 school costume parade
Peanuts scene from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Which by the way will be shown on Tuesday the 27th of October on ABC).

I remember learning of a little Halloween song called, "Oh Mrs. Witch", when I was in kindergarten, that in it self was a very long, long, time ago. I don't think the public schools have traditions of Halloween Parties anymore let alone learning Halloween songs. I just thought I'd share the song I remember from kindergarten some 35 years ago, it goes like this...
Oh, Mrs. Witch
Oh, Mrs. Witch
Tell me how you fly,
Tell me how you fly,
I fly on my broom stick, up in the sky.

Oh, Mrs. Witch
Oh, Mrs. Witch
Tell me what you see,
Tell me what you see,
I see a jack-o-lantern looking at me.

Oh, Mrs. Witch
Oh, Mrs. Witch
Tell me what you'll do,
Tell me what you'll do,
I'll fly on my broom stick, to scare you, BOO!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thank You Robin!

I'm so excited!And I just can't hide it!
I'm about to loose control and I think I like it!

I won my first award, the best blog award!

Robin at blog, thought of me, and awarded me a best blog award. Which by the way, I'm constantly telling you to please visit her blog. You've got to check out her cute blog and great chances of weekly giveaways!
Lollipops and Polka Dots
The Best Blog Award rules are:
  • To accept the award
  • Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who gave it to you and his/her link.
  • Pass it on to 15 other blogs you have recently discovered and think are great!
  • Remember to contact the blogs you choose!
  • So I decided to give my best blog award to new blogs & friends I have met along the way, treasured blogs, crafty blogs, giveaway blogs, Nesting blogs, etc.
    Without further a dew... Is that how you say it ?
    What's for Dinner? Try these delicious recipes you'll want to add to your dinner rotation.

    Sugar Pie Farmhouse Centsational Girl

    Cynthia's Cottage Design
    1. Cathy @ Diary of a Crafty Chica ; I heart this chicas pizazz in crafting and she's from Arizona, too.
    2. Rachelle @ Simply Crafting ; I heart who can create creative cards and crafts, check out her additional blogs, she's a native from arizona too.
    3. Kevin & Amanda @ Kevin & Amanda/Recipes; MMMmmm, I heart this husband and wife duo in cooking in the kitchen recipes. Who doesn't love to cook with their soul mates?
    4. Jenny @ All Sorts ; I heart the colors she uses in her craftiness and decor.
    5. Stephanie @ NieNie Dialogues; I heart NieNies strength with God and courage to live for her family. I heart that she loves being a housewife and truly loves her husband and children and the strong family support for each other, she lived in my hometown, too.
    6. Rue @ Rue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Life ; I heart Rue's hospitality and her love for her husband and family and the teamwork this couple have in nesting their home together.
    7. Aunt Ruthie's @ Aunt Ruthie's Sugarpie Farmhouse; I'm inspired by her thoughts on "only want to fill my home with happy goodness. Things that promote God’s blessings and bring honor to Him", well said Aunt Ruthie.
    8. Kimm @ Reinvented ; simply said, "home decor for real people, with real stuff, and real budgets".
    9. Kate @ Centsational Girl; I get inspired by her DIY projects and if you hurry she has a giveaway with going on right now.
    10. Serena @ Farmchicks; Serena is an editor with Country Living and shares her joys.
    11. Jill @ Homemade by Jill; one of the first tutorial blogs that inspired me to blog, I just have to have the patience & remembrance to do step by step projects. I usually remember after I created something that I should have done a before picture or even an after picture.
    12. Kathy @ Lil Bit Old * Lil Bit New; a new blogger and a new friend, I enjoy reading Kathy's thoughts and entering her giveaways:)
    13. Cynthia @ Cynthia's Cottage Design; I heart the design and inspirations that Cynthia creates in her home with that touch of vintage and cottage feel.
    14. Tanya @ Trey an Lucy; I heart that she turns second hand furniture into recycled new furniture and the other thoughts she shares.
    15. Deborah @ Navarro Family; My sister inspired me to start a blog. No way did I think I would come this far in blogging, Thank you sis.

    These are all amazing blogs with different talents and expressions! Please check them all out! It took me a while to add everyone, and now that I completed all 15, I wish I could add more awards because I have come across many. Congrats to the ones I finally complete, there is no order in choice.

    Disclaimer* I, like Robin @ the Blog, cannot be held liable for dirty dishes pile ups, laundry mishaps, missed deadlines or unbrushed teeth as a result of the time spent on these fabulous blogs! Well, maybe not the un-brushed teeth part.