Thursday, October 1, 2009

My favorite Month

I heart October. It's like spring all over again here in the Phoenix Valley. It was 105 degrees yesterday and today it was 95 degrees and dropping:) The weather is beautiful. Yet, its time to collect wood for weekends by the fire pit. Hayrides and spooks. Hot cocoa and soup, not to mention Carmel apples and popcorn balls. Try this recipe from Country Living for Caramel Candied Apples and click on the link. I'm including a recipe for caramels by Edna Nelson, which I found, and please correct me if I'm wrong, from Kevin and Amanda who has lots of easy and delicious recipes, many moons ago. In case you cannot read it below...
2Cups of Sugar
2 Cups of Cream
1 3/4 cup of Light Karo Syrup
1 Cup of butter (the real stuff not margarine)
1 tsp. Vanilla
optional: nuts
Boil the sugar, Karo Syrup, butter, and half of the cream (7/8 cup).
After Boiling, SLOWLY add the rest of the cream. Cook to form ball stage. Add nuts if desired. Pour onto buttered pan, and cool.

I wanted to share some Halloween fun going on.
Please share of any other party you might know of so we can all visit.
Robin at is having always having fun giveaways. Now she is having a "Spooktacular" Event.
Be sure to visit October 12th - the 17th.
At A Fanciful Twist, Vanessa is a very artistic Arizonian.
She currently, among other blogger's, are getting ready for her Halloween Extravaganza on October 17th, 2009.

You must check out her creativeness.
You'll find potions and much more!
Even find the labels to create your own potions.
You can find labels also at Love Manor to create your own potions. Even a recipe for Dead Man's Toes, sounds delicious:) I prefer fresh meat.

Here's a peak at Love Manors home.
I also wanted to share ideas for Halloween Decorations and/or Halloween Party Themes I have found surfing the net. Or shall I say flying on my broom stick up at the sky and looking over blogs? At Martha Stewart I thought this table set up was grand. Oh, from A Wicked Good Time: macabre banquet table (featuring Slithered Scream Beans, Cauldron Curry, and Squeamish Squash with Rice).

At Martha Stewart I found this cute party favor.

I forgot to grab the link so you'll have to search her website.
At Hostess with the Mostess, a twilight party was thrown in April,
but why not use some of her fun for Halloween Night?
Every thing was planned well from the red vines that Bella ate for treats, to different types of blood to drink, quotes, lip shine for that perfect vampire kisses, Esme’s line: “We’re making Italiano for you.” to display on the buffet table by the Italian food, and mood lighting created with white twinkle lights & candles. It is a must to visit for us Twilight fans.

Or maybe your into a Ghouls Night Halloween Party?
Or Modern Midnight Madness?

Or Playful Mod Halloween Party?

Or Spooky Chic Dinner Party?
You can find these Ideas and instructions to her idea at Hostess with the Mostess, just click on the pictures for direct link.
Well, This is just a few of the fun posts I will include this month.
So please check frequently.
This month is going to be better than the last.
That is unless there is another spell on my computer.

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