Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leo'nels Birthday Party

September is a month full of birthdays in our family.
This month we celebrated my brother J. Sebastian on the 2nd.
His son, my nephew, Caiden, birthday was on the 12th.
Happy Birthday Caiden we miss you!
He just turned 7, but I haven't seen him since this picture was taken:(
In between is my sister-in-law, Nina, who's birthday is on the 6th & My brother-in-law is on the 24th. Both are siblings of my husband.
Below is their turkey cook off. Don't let the blackened(burnt) one fool you. It was delicious and juicy.

On the 20th, our oldest son turned 18 years old.

On the 22nd my brother Daryl turned 25. Derik my other brother in this picture turned 26 on Aug. 14th, kinda late but I posted Deriks birthday on his My Space.
Below was Twenty years ago, Here Derik is 6 and Daryl is 5 years old, still posing in front of our grandmas front porch, same smiles:)
and speaking of Tio Daryl, my grandson was born on Daryl's birthday. So Leo'nel my grandson just turned One!
Below are pictures of his first Chicken McNugget Happy Meal at McDonald's on his birthday.
Below,Leo'nel & is his Tia Ayla (Auntie Ayla)are comparing their happy meal surprise.

Then Emma our oldest daughter shared her 20th birthday with my step-dad Mundo, on the 28th.
This is Mundo my dad with my mama.

Below is Emma with my grandson.
We celebrated Leo'nels 1st birthday with a Rocker's Theme. We were to dress in our rocker outfits. Here is my niece Olivia with here rocker out fit and tattoos.

Check out my nephew Evan with his blue hair and tattoos as well.
I wish I took more photos of the party, but I was busy helping my daughter hosting. She had Barbacoa, rice and beans, you know, typical Latino food. Along with popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones. Yeah, over blown 1st birthday, but my daughter and Alex felt like this is his first birthday and deserves the best.
Here's his cake.
Here is Leo'nel with his parents, Alex and Emma, helping Leo'nel blow out the candle.
The next day we BBQ some more at Alex's and Emma's. We celebrated Emma's birthday with Oscar my son. Here they get ready to blow out the candle.

Whew! That's all the birthdays for September. Happy Birthday to all you September Birthdays!

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