Friday, October 2, 2009

There a little witch in every woman

Back in 1690, some people believed Maria Owens was a witch. Others claim that she was just unlucky in love. Both were true. And in fact, both traits became family tradition: garden-variety witchcraft combined with sorrows in love, in somewhat unequal proportion.

Maria Owens made her home on a small island in New England. All of her daughters and granddaughters and great-great-great granddaughters grew up here, just as beautiful and careless and unfortunate in love. Myself and Aunt Jet live in the old Owens house, and we took in two of our nieces, Sally and Gillian, after their parents died.
Of course, as in any close family, there were rituals and customs to be passed along to the next generation, and we taught them what the Owens women have always known: the ancient arts of white magic. But the strength that comes from the use of this practical magic also carries a price - it seems that all the men we fall in love with die untimely deaths.
So as Sally grew, she watched us weaving spells for the lonely and the lovelorn, and one day decided that she'd never suffer the misfortune of falling in love. She cast her own spell, making sure that the only man she could ever truly love would have a combination of qualities she'd never be able to find.Her sister Gillian, on the other hand, grew up to break hearts the way other people break kindling for firewood.
Sally lives with us now in Maria's old house, with her two daughters Kylie and Isabelle. (Their father died, of course.) Sally - who was obsessed with being "normal" even as a child, poor dear -- tries to go around pretending to be like other people, keeping me and Aunt Jet from teaching Kylie and Isabelle spells and rituals. But the more she denies her own powers, the more they seem to bubble up. After all, there's a little witch in every woman.
I believe there is a little magic in all of us.
The above intro was taken from Practical Magic .
One of my favorite movies and let me say
I love collecting movies so this is one of many movies I enjoy watching.
I heart the plot, I heart the aunts: Jet and Frances, and I heart the home. If I wasn't so scared of the predictions of earthquakes and
tsunami's on the western coast line,
I would love to live near the seaside.
Thus the reason why I chose to show you
my inspiration home from the movie Practical Magic.
Fact, Did you know when they made the movie they built the Victorian home from scratch? Yeah, and after the movie was made it was on the market. No one bought the home in Washington and so they demolished the home! What a waste! Absurd! Had I only won the Lotto!
Here let me show you the beautiful home that sits on a cliff over looking the ocean, the beautiful small town around it, and the boutique I always wanted...
"In this house we have chocolate cake for breakfast.
And we never bother with silly things like bedtimes
or brushing out teeth." ~Practical Magic
Above the Day Time view and
Below the Night time view,
here the Owens Sisters
Jump down like Mary Poppins from their home
on all Hollows Eve.
"Fine! But I do not want them dancing naked under the full moon..." ~Practical Magic

The home looks so comforting.

What woman, or man, wouldn't love to cook in a kitchen so grand.
Or have the sunlight shine through in the morning while eating breakfast?
"with the sweet, always comes the sour" ~ Practical Magic
Here the Aunts make a spell for a towns lady,
who wants to win the heart of her lover.
"they feared her because she had a gift,
a power, that has been passed onto you children,
she had the gift of magic.
And it was that very gift that saved her life."
~ Practical Magic

This photo below is taken from the
October 1998 Issue of Victorian Magazine.
To have a garden by the seaside and see the sunset in the eve...

"Just know...from the garden..." ~ Practical Magic
To have a garden shed...

"but still sometimes, when the wind is warm,
and the crickets sing, I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for."
~Practical Magic
Oh, and I love the music chosen for this film.
Here they share Midnight Margarita"s, Enjoy.

"There's a few things I've learned in life:
always throw salt over your left shoulder,
keep rosemary by your garden gate,
plant lavender for good luck,
and fall in love whenever you can."
~Practical Magic



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Marie Antionette said...

Happy Witching Dear!!!
I have a good friend who is a witch.She use to read my cards all the time.She's on the ill side these days, and I hven't seen her for a good long while.
Your house is just glorious.I've always loved old houses,but I won't lie,they also spook me quite a bit...LOL.Take care Hon...XXOO Marie Antionette

Anonymous said...

Hello, I enjoyed your blog. I thought I should mention that the house in practical magic wasn't torn down because it wasn't sold. It was built on sacred Indian land. They were not allowed to break ground at all, it was built on stilts and when the film was over they had to tear down the house. The director said that he couldn't be there that day. He said it felt like he was losing one of his children. Blessings.