Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jorge and Diego

Los Pitufos? I guess that's how you say the Smurfs and since I'll be going down memory lane, it's purr-fect.
Today My brother Jorge, or as some call him George/Zach/Dad, turned 37 and My Cousin Diego, or as everyone calls him, simply, Diego/Dad, turned 30, so Happy Birthday.
First, let me say that Diego is like my little brother. He always counted our family, along with his brother Leonardo, in all happening events. They would always call us on the phone to come their home. Even if my Tio Juan and Tia Mara had their social parties and didn't call my mom to invite her. Diego and Leonardo would call and say hurry and come over to the party.
Diego always loved his family and extended family. Still to this day, at Christmas Breakfast, Thanksgiving dinners, and family Birthday Parties, if Diego and Maren are not over, I ask, "Where's Diego?"

Here is Diego with his Beautiful Wife, Maren. He has two precious children; Melia and Jace, who I call Diegito, because he is his mini-me. Below is a picture of Diego this past summer, he like most men I know, has not grown up.
Notice the updated sip and slide, with the new soft landing? I remember it a long plastic liner with no soft landing. If you go back before the slip and slide, you would just hose your patio really good and just slid on the bare concrete. If you were a dare devil, had some dish soap and your really slide of the water and into the bare, bare, in this case, AZ hot griddle bare sidewalk!
Feliz Cumpleaños Jorge!
Anyways, in case you haven't guessed this is Myself and my little brother Jorge at the ages of probably 5 and 2, Luisa wasn't born yet and we stilled lived at Hobson Street. Everyone used to say I looked like Nadia Comaneci, the Romanian Gold Medalist. Anyways...Here's to my brother.
Remember when we would watch Thunder Cats and you were Lion-O and I was Cheetera?
or we would stay up late to watch Cheech and Chong movies
or Bruce Lee Movies and laugh because the words never matched the lips and you would try to mimic by moving your lips and then say something.

Remember begging mom for money till, I think it was more for her sanity than our enjoyment, she would cave in and we would ride our bikes (remember the big wheel and then we upgraded to the GREEN MACHINE)
along with Darren your best friend to
and we would buy...
Then Atari was invented and you would rather spend your money on games than staying alive to eat. Or remember the time Grandma sent you and Beto to buy tortillas and crema with a $20 dollar bill and there was none. So instead of coming home with the money, the two of you spent the money on Pac-Man and Asteroids games.

We would play with your Original Star Wars Characters and none of this Episode Crap.

We also fought a lot, cried a lot, did mischievous stuff together. But I miss you George. I remember that everywhere I went you went too. Birthdays, we had to celebrate it together. Trips, together. That you and I would wish we were apart from one another. Belinda used to tell us, "Someday you'll be apart and you'll always remember that I told you you'll someday miss each other and wish you were never apart." She was right. I wish you were here in AZ or that we just lived nearer to each other. I miss you sooo much. You always knew what I was thinking without saying it. You always know when to call and cheer me up. So if you were here, I would say come over for some carne asada, as we have every Sunday. And I would make your favorite side dish of Spaghetti with meat balls.
Mama would make your favorite, German Chocolate Cake
and we would sing the Mañanitas, if mama Hasn't already awaken you up with a serenade.
Have a Happy Birthday and we hope to see you soon with Jorden and Caleb.
Here is my niece Jorden, Jorge's oldest and only daughter. Look at the Kentucky Hollars.

Here is a beautiful Father Son Photo, my nephew Caleb.

Here are my four brothers in Kentucky.
From Left to Right, Derrick, Jorge, Josh (who's b-day is on the 4th), and Britt.
Ciao for now,
Here's a Topo Gigio, Mañanitas for Jorge and Diego! Click here. Or school to Las Mañanitas on my Playlist at the bottom of the blog so you can hear a birthday serenade.

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Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful, beautiful person to love a family member as you do. May God richly bless you for your loving heart and always bless and protect you and your loved ones. <3