Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have I ever mentioned that I love aprons?

What does this?

and this, have in common?

I participated on a Secret Santa Gift Exchange for the holidays. We did little daily giftsand the final gift I gave... you guessed it, an apron. Jessica, the person I had, loves cats. She also loves vintage and retro looks. No offense, because I'm a dog lover instead, but it was hard to find a cat fabric that I didn't grose out with. Even as a dog lover, a pet apron just doesn't go with a kitchen for me. Except maybe chickens and rooster or cows and pigs, Ironically. I think it's due to the fact that I've visited kitchens of friends with litter boxes and/or in the bathrooms, eww!
Thats another segment.
The thought of an apron with cats, just didn't work for me. However, I found this fabric with cats and another cordinating fabric with paw prints that looked retro and didn't look like I would grose out if I visited a friend wearing this cat apron.
Anyway, I found the one I liked and wouldn't grose out with. Jessica loved it!
Last weekend, at a (15-20 year) reunion with old friends from the Young Women and Young Adults, we did the same kind of gift exchange. We had a friendship exchange with handmade gifts. The person I had was Veronica. She likes simplicity and collects "dust". Not really, she's a perfectionist clean freak. Somehow I figured her as a "green" person. Don't ask. I just somehow can guess peoples color and likes. I bought this fabric with green and chocolate colors. I bought a hook to hang the apron that was green with a humming bird. Since birds are like the "In" style, and I love humming birds.
Well, it turns out Veronicas favorite bird is a humming bird and loves green. She loved it.I had enough fabric to make a pot holder and I included her first initial.

I used to sell aprons. My mama, who on a tight Christmas on year, convinced me to sell my aprons. It worked! I was able to have a Christmas for my children when I had recently separated from my previous marriage. I still only sell aprons for holidays when requested.
For now, I thought I would share two of the aprons that I made recently. Hope you enjoy!
Ciao for now,


The Navarro's said...

Wow, those are nice. I love the fabrics you choose. I'm telling you, you should make a business selling these. They're beautiful!!

diego and maren said...

Those are very nice, I never knew you had this talent!!! I am impressed!