Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hannah will perform for Jay-Z & LaBron James

Jay-Z (musician/married to Beyonce)
and LaBron James,
#23 who plays for the NBA Cavaliers, are donating 150 musical instruments, sound system, and piano to our kids school and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Valley.
Fox Channel 10 News came to interview the school, click here to play the news clip.
You can catch Ayla, my little one, walk in circles behind the principle. You can also catch her when she went to the playground behind Ramon, Walking back and forth in the wee back. And she's not the student. Out of the 3 that goes to the school, 2 were in the news clip. While in the class room, Devan is in the right side standing taking the lid off the pen. You can see Hannah; third child from the right front, on the older kids, who was chosen to perform for the celebrities. Exciting?! You betcha!

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The Navarro's said...

How exciting!! Take lots of pictures you guys!!