Monday, February 16, 2009

Part II of Hannah

There is something I learned through all this excitement, NEVER TRUST EMMA TO TAKE MEMORABLE PHOTOS.

At the event, only one parent/guardian could attend or if more than two children that attend the school, then two parents could come. Siblings who did not attend the school could not come to the event. However, if siblings attended the Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Valley, then they could attend if invited. In our case, Oscar was able to attend. I told Emma that she could take my place and take pictures with Alex and I would watch Ayla. Last minute I was asked to volunteer with staff and was allowed to bring Ayla. Ayla sat with Emma and Alex while I helped crowd control. Emma was also in charge of taking and recording the event. BIG MISTAKE! The photos that I'm including and videos are the best of the bunch. Hannah's performance was done in segments. She couldn't take pictures of Devan and Dorian, because she didn't see them up there with them. Devan said that Beyonce hugged him. We barely took one of Oscar shaking Beyonce's hand.

Above is Lebron James, Jay-Z, and Beyonce watching the kids perform surrounded by the piano, sport equipment, and instruments they donated.
Here you can barely see Jay-Z hugging Hannah, the one looking at him with the glasses. Hannah also said that Beyonce hugged her too, and kissed her forehead. Talk about being on cloud 9!
Below you can barely see Oscar, shaking hands. Does Emma need glasses? Yes, and she was wearing them.
I've included Hannahs Performance in segments as Emma recorded it. Hannah is the one with glasses and tossed in the air and lifted, I remember when I was tiny....hmmm.
Ciao for now,


The Navarro's said...

Thanks a lot Emma! For those of us living through you guys, we have nothing now. Great. Just kidding! I'll forgive you!

The Navarro's said...

Way to go Hannah! Awesome job! What song was that?

--Arnnette said...

Emma says thats what you get for trying to come and see Jay-Z and not Baby Leo'nel.

--Arnnette said...

The song is "Get you head in the game" from High School Musical part I

Molly said...

Good job Hannah!! How exciting for you and your family. Arnette, you must be busting at the seams. Congrats!