Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hannah was interviewed for the AZ Republic

Hannah, my fourteen year old, did a great job performing for Jay-Z and LeBron James. Infact, Beyonce, Jay-Z's wife end up coming and was an added guest. Hannah is still on cloud nine from yesterday's performance. There were a group of K-3 grade kids sing and dance Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life". While Hannah's group danced to High School Musical. She was chosen for an interview with the AZ Republic. The school received a piano, violins, band instruments, guitars, sound systems, and sport equipment. The school was presented with a $10,000.00 check as well and while Hannah help up the check, Jay-Z was hugging Hannah, and Beyonce kissed her forhead. You can just imagen how Hannah felt. Devan was hugged by Beyonce and was smiling all the way home. Dorian was upset that Lebron James didn't shake his hand. I had to explain how there were to many kids there. I'm having trouble down loading, so pictures to come later. Enjoy the news clip of the younger kids dancing and the article of Hannah.
We're proud of you Baby Girl!

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The Navarro's said...

Wow Hannah! How exciting! I get excited just thinking about it. Have you washed your forehead yet? Congratulations, we're proud of you too!