Thursday, November 6, 2008


It is now Friday, October 31st, Halloween. I remember my childhood memories. All the students dressing up in their costumes, all the grades parading around the school so other classes can see the costumes, being anxious for the halloween party at the end of the day. I remember in 4th grade in Mrs.McNally's class she made a Witches Brew. Remember back in the 70's -80's punch with sherbert ice cream? This was the potion that made me so sick, MY MOM, would not let me trick or treat that evening. That was October 1979. I was so depressed, my favorite holiday and I was stuck at home:(

I remember learning a song in Kindergarten called Old Misses Witch. I still remember the lyrics and music.
Oh Misses Witch, Oh Misses Witch
Tell me how you fly, tell me how you fly,
I fly on my broom stick up in the sky.
Oh Misses Witch, Oh Misses Witch
Tell me what you see, Tell me what you see
I see a jack-o-lantern looking at me
Oh Misses Witch, Oh Misses Witch
Tell me what you'll do, Tell me what you'll do
I'll fly on my broom stick to scare you! BOO!
Ayla posing before we start.
Ayla showing off her pedicure that you can't see.

Dorian-9 yrs, as a jedi, Hannah-14 as a fairy, Cynetra(friend)-13 as Madea, Devan-10 as a football player, & Sah-Dia (Famiga)-12 as a Dark Fairy.
As we trick or treated, we came across many haunted homes. Ayla filled her bag and then some. I think we'll use it for her b-day on November 11th.
Later we went to my sisters Luisa to show grandma the costumes, since they were not home. It was getting late and soon we called it a night.
Here are pictures of our grandson Leo'nel (yes I sewed his costume) and my nephews Evan and Daniel, who all three not planned dressed as pirates! Daniel lives in El Paso.
Leo'nel one month.
Evan: will soon be 2 and a half on the 27th of November.
Daniel will be 2 on December 4th.
Here are my neices:
Olivia is (7months),
Hailee-11? and Rilee-6?.
I ran out of time sewing my costume, go figure a pirate, I had lent out my renaissance dress, so I dressed what my mama would dress as a young'n, a gypsy.
Do you remember the old plastic costumes? I used to beg my mom for a costume that just advertised and looked nothing like the character, because they were all generic and the way you could clearly tell what you were, was the big banner across your chest that said, "Jeannie", "Yogi Bear", "Captain America", "Spock". You would think you were Darth Vadar, even though Star Wars came out in the late 1970's, because your breath echoed through the plastic mask, with no vision, and feel like it was scrat'n your face.

What was I thinking?! Thank you mama for your creations of gypsy, cow boy, hobo, the witch with the peanutbutter mole and coconut, housewife from Hee-Haw, etc, etc. Anything from around the house that would not spend a thing.
Well, hope you had safe Halloween!
Ciao for now,

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The Navarro's said...

How funny that Evan, Leonel, and Danny all dressed up as pirate. You know, what's funny is I was going to dress as a gypsy too! Ahhh, we are definatley related. I LOVE all the pictures you've been putting up! You've been busy these last few weeks!!