Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ayla's 4th Birthday

Today is Ayla's 4th birthday. As a tradition, we spend the morning at 'her' parade and go support the Veteran's. We went to the Mesa Veteran's Parade. Here are some of the pictures taken at the parade.
I think this was a 1945 M29C "Weasel" built by Studebaker, Wow!
Here they were dressed in costumes of different eras.
Ayla's favorite, her ghost riders!
A special moment between brother and sister.

When low and behold we looked up above, I think it was a AT-6 Harvard aka AT-6 Texan a North American product advanced trainer used by almost all allied pilots trained in WWII. Eh, I bet ya didn't think I knew much of planes, like my french, "un petit, petit frances" it needs the accent and weird c.

Oh darn, taking pictures of the plane, I missed the front formation of the civil war hero's. I least I took the back picture of them. After I took the picture they shot their riffles! It sounded like cannon balls being fired.

Yeah, Dobson High Air Force Junior ROTC

World War II Veteran's
This was a line of Veteran's who died recently in Mesa alone. There was a moment of silent, and tears to follow, including mine. I feel the tears rising now...
The boys were touched as well as they all passed by.
Later after the parade, we went home and opened Ayla's presents.
Ayla received make-up and the double feature of Kung Fu Panda from Hannah. She cheated and opened her gift before we could take a picture.
Ayla received a dinner set of Camp Rock, her favorite, from Devan. She loves the Jonas Brothers because of Joe, who plays Shane on Camp Rock. She received Disney Princess Jewelry and Sleeping Beauty video from Dorian. A church dress and Sunday shoes from Mama & Papa. We went to McDonald's after opening the gifts. The kids and Bayardo tried to convince her to go eat Chinese, Wings, Mexican, but I said it's her birthday she needs to choose. So of course, McDonald's it was. She was so excited that we would eat inside and let them play longer in the playground.
Later, we sang Happy Birthday using her new Camp Rock plate to display her cupcakes. We didn't have a "Party", since our funds are short. We made the best of what we could and made it her day. I think she treasured her special day. Later, Ayla said, "We'll invite all the whole family so we can be together for my birthday party." Stay tuned for the date.

Until then, Sweet Dreams baby girl, we love you and wish you many more Happy Birthday's.
Ciao for now,

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