Friday, November 7, 2008

Grandpa Nuco Came!

My dad came from Kentucky on November 1st, exactly a week ago. It was a short visit, but well worth it. Bayardo, the kids, and I loved every minute. When Dad came, we enjoyed lunch at Taco Tote.

I was so happy when Taco Tote opened in Mesa about 2 years ago. I remember going to Cd.Juarez, Mexico for lunch with my grandma, where it originated from. You can buy your meat cooked and prepared by the pound. The rice and charro beans are good too.
We missed Alex, Emma's babe, he had to work. Allen is Emma's brother-in-law.
Remember the Yearbook yourself? I think Oscar liked his 1960 photo a little to much.

Here's my dad, aka: Daddy, Papa, Grandpa Nuco, Papa Nuco, Great-Grandpa.

Here's the Grandpa Bayardo trying to comfort Leo'nel.

The girls were inseparable with their grandpa...

Really inseparable.

The blessing of Leo'nel took place on Sunday, November 2nd. It was an Arizona Stake Region Satalite Conference from Salt Lake. So, we did a private blessing in the high priest room.
Leo'nel smiled so much that day.
Well maybe, not all day.

Brother Tuft, Me, Ayla, Dad, Leo'nel, & Emma
Afterwards, everyone went to Golden Corals. No one wanted pictures taken there, Except...

Devan, who loves dessert.
Later, everyone went to rest. Except, Dad and his girls, we went to the temple.
The sunset light the temple as if it were glowing, it wasbreathtaking.
Sisters Hannah and Ayla posing with the Prophet.
Our last photo before dad left. It was hard to see him leave. I wish we lived alot closer. Even if he lived in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, El Paso, TX, etc., we could drive and visit dad and family easier than driving to Kentucky. Maybe next time we'll see each other with the clan in KY. Until next time!
Ciao for now,

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