Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary Flores Family

Lets make believe its still October. It is the weekend of October 18, 2008. My sister in law and her husband plan their anniversary weekend by themselves. Ahhhh, how special. And we have Christian and Carly, our nephew and niece over so that their mom and dad can spend time and go out on a date and have Whoppie :)
Well, I don't know for sure, but wouldn't you if your married and you have kids and never get to go out??!!!

This is Carly with Dorian.
This is Christian with Devan, who by the way Devan is older by three months!

We drop off the kids when the coast was clear and they called that burgers were on the grill. My brother in laws were bored and decided to play Rock Band. They really thought they were IT.
By the expression on Nina, my sister in law, I guess that would be a NOT.
Soon it was the battle of the younger generation. Best 2 out of three, hands down the younger generation won. The guys tried to cheat by playing songs they thought the boys would know. Wrong!
Left to Right: Fabian, Bayardo, & Kenneth with his bad surgery knee, who just did a bone graft, necio!

Christian, like his dad took the "MIKE", then Devan and Dorian.
It was a nice weekend. Next time, Nina and I with the girls will do bead work or scrapbook while they battle it out again.
Ciao for now,

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