Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Road Trip to Miami

I can't believe it's the 8th of October. I haven't even posted our road trip to Miami. On September 27th, we did our monthly trip to Build and Grow at Lowe's. We look forward on spending time and building something. Ayla and Hannah are like their mama and love tools. Guess I get that from my Papa. The gardening comes from my mama. Anyways here we are at my favorite store next to Walmart , Disney Store, and Sears Craftman, Lowes.

Here is Hannah helping Ayla. Devan is trying to figure it out and watching Hannah. Ayla is independent and tries on her own.
Here the boys (Devan & Dorian) are like, "Mom, hurry and take the picture" They were concentrating to hard. Hannah kept avoiding pictures, See her on the ground with the tinkerbell backpack?

Ayla posing with the firetruck she made, with help from Hannah.
When we were done, the kids didn't want to go home. So I said, "road trip!" They were all excited. I think mainly because that meant no Saturday chores. I wanted to be back before 4:30 so I could go to Relief Society Conference, thank goodness for and the Ensign; we didn't make it back. Ayla sleeping on the way to Miami, probably still thinking of Lowe's.

So we got out the AZ map and blindly pointed to Miami...Miami, Arizona that is, Coopermines, Antique Shops, out no where, that is. When we want to go out to eat or go on a small trip, we pull out the AZ map and get to know where ever we point on the map. We have favorite restaurants in all parts of AZ, Pinetop, Christopher Creek, Wickenburg, Sedona, Tucson, and now Globe.
I love going through the canyon or like Kentuckians would say, the hollars, of AZ. This is between Superior and Miami, AZ. I love going through the tunnel and honking and yelling out the window too. Bayardo thinks I'm nuts, but he honks and yells too:)
This says Miami City Limits...Welcome to Miami...And the baseball field, this isn't anything close to Miami, FL. The city population as of 2000 was 1945 who knows, the way economy is everywhere, it could have gone down since then. Then again, it has grown alot in Globe, that's a neighboring town.

Miami is a copper mining town founded in 1907. Miami is located in the mountains of south central Arizona, approximately 75 miles east of Phoenix and 110 miles north of Tucson. The above is a Caterpillar dump truck in side the dump of a larger dump truck used in the mine.
We decided to go to eat in Globe, which was founded in 1876, since Dicks Roasted Chicken was closed. They only open Monday-Friday. I will say "Its finger lick'n good" to bad it was closed.

When my Papa used to come pick my brother and I up from Mesa and visit him in El Paso, my parents are divorced, we used to pass through Miami and Globe. I always wanted to try this Mexican Restaurant. After 30 something years, here we are, Chalo's Mexican Restaurant. It was gooood. There's Hannah posing by her dream car that someone drove. There was a reunion there from Class of 1957/58 Globe High School. Bayardo and Dorian enjoying the chips and salsa.

After we ate we checked out the neighborhoods. As if drifting wasn't enough and popping a tire a week ago, that should have been another entry; he decides to go fast down hill. I felt like daisy in Dukes of Hazards telling Bo to slow down after we went up in the air and sparks flew and the kids yell'n "YEE-HAW". Well not that extreme but we did go down fast and the kids were yell'n.

I convinced Bayardo to stop so I could go antiqueing in Miami on the return trip. It was like antiqueing in a Ghost Town. In some of the shops the kids would say, "I'm not going in there, it's scary." So I would say, "Good, go with Dad".

Miami has a strip of Antiques. I enjoyed Soda Pops Antique Shop. Probably because I collect Coca-Cola.

The above of Joshua's Treehouse was taken in the winter, but this is the place I enjoyed. It has a Shabby chic, Bliss to it. The owner Sue was so sweet. She had candy from when I was a youngin and she gave treats to the kids. I bought some doilies and these flowers. I made clips with the flower for Ayla. Hannah never wears clips and all of a sudden she wants me to make her some. I gotta go again. The lamps and jewelry that were sold in there were so girly. If you like a place to play dress up, she had everything, from decor, to candles, to fabrics, to gloves, to clothes, so much fun stuff that it is a must to visit.

Here Hannah and Devan are getting car sick. So we stopped in Superior, AZ. Here you can see the Worlds smallest Museum. Our luck it was closed. So we went to a convenient store and get 7-Up's (So they could "burp" out the sickness). That's what we were told growing up. Outside the convenient store there was a coin horse. I haven't seen one of these coin horses since I was a kid. Hannah was going to get on too, but she listened when we said she'll get worse. Devan didn't listen and did get worse with the car sickness. Note: We only drove about an hour and a half, not an all day car trip.
It was a fun weekend. Cant wait for another weekend trip. Next trip El Paso, Texas.

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