Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October is Here

October is here

Briefly, I want to remind you and for you to remind your sisters, mothers, daughters to please have their breast exams. Okay, so you may be a guy and so you might want to say, "This month is National Breast Cancer Awareness. I don't want to let this go by without you knowing that I care."
This is also the month for NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS. Did you know that more women die from domestic violence than BREAST CANCER?!?!
It's true, and you don't hear to much about this awareness, of precautions and places to go if you need to. So please, if you care again for your sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, please bring awareness to the number 1 killer for women; next to heart disease. Yes that too, beats breast cancer. There are many resources to go to. Many doctors and counselors at your childrens schools can help. Take the step now, before it's to late!

But we need to bring awareness for all. Because I could guarantee in a classroom, there are at least 3 or more hands will go up if you ask, "Do you know of any one who has been affected with Breast Cancer? With Domestic Violence? With Heart Disease?" You might even find someone raise their hand for 2 out of the three issues.

Therefore, I chose a Halloween logo that has all the colors that could represent the awareness and of course the holiday of the month, besides Columbus Day.
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