Tuesday, October 14, 2008

El Paso Here We Come

Sorry I took long to post, my computer kept freezn or the blog had malfunctions.

We decided last minute to visit El Paso and visit my sister and brother and grandma and familia, since the kids had Thursday and Friday off. Bayardo was able to have time off and so off we went at midnight Wednesday night. Like all our road trips and places we visit, we try to learn and grow from that trip. We did.
When we got to Lordsburg, New Mexico the kids were just waking up and the sun was welcoming us to a glorious weekend.

Soon after around 830am, we were in TX. We received a warm welcome at my sisters home. Thank you Navarro Family this really made us feel welcome.

We met Armando, Chillo, my brother in law, cousin who was visiting. The kids loved him. They got to practice their Spanish with him. His camera can make frames on the photos, unless I just don't know how to use my digital camera, I miss my Pentax K-1000. I love the old fashion camera's, I just lost my flash for it so I only use it for rare, very rare occasions.

Since we had been up about 24 hours, we pretty much slept the morning and part of the afternoon. We went to visit Gramita (my grandma). It was the first time she met Ayla, my three year old. We thought we would see Gramita again and didn't take more pictures. We went to McDonald's and had ice cream when a dust storm came through all of a sudden. Gramita said she was getting a cold or something, so pretty much our whole stay we kept playing by ear on how she felt to visit again. However, we were not able to visit again since she didn't want us to get sick. We hope to come again in the spring, we hope that nothing will stop us from taking better advantage of visiting with Grandmita. Here Hannah and Ayla are with Gramita (Regina O. Gonzalez Ayala).

Daryl my brother came to visit often between classes at UTEP. We enjoyed the time he spent with us. Chillo, my "Favorite" brother in law, was able to get off early and take us on a tour of San Elizario, Clint, & Ysleta, TX. Not before we ate at the local favorite restaurant, Chico Tacos. The food is Bueno, Bonito, y Barrato (Good, Nice, Cheap).

(Here we are on the I-10 of El Paso, TX, the homes and mountains are Cd. Juarez, Mexico. That's the Mexican Flag cross the bridge on the other side of US. Not to safe to visit anymore, this is the closest we would go on the US border. Sad too, I love to shop at the New Market, even though it is at least over 40years old.)

Above is my sister Deborah, with my brother in law Chillo, and baby Daniel. Someone was kind enough to take the picture of all of us in front of Chico's Tacos.

In San Elizario, we visited the historic markers. Currently the town marks are being restored. The chapel was not open due to the reconstruction, however, I was able to find a picture of the inside, beautiful. Something about the old architecture buildings that makes me in awe.

Devan standing next to the chapel with Virgin Mary's. The Chapel doors face West looking into the town square. From the town square building, porch, I took a picture of the kids. While the girls and I have our picture next to one of the flower pots from the porch; yes, I had to sit on the floor. Meanwhile, Bayardo and Devan relax, while Dorian reads each of the plaques.

Dorian loves history facts and landmarks. As we were leaving Dorian discovers that Billy the Kid stayed in the jail above. Note the words on the door, carcel (car-cell), which means Jail. Ayla and Daniel listened closely to Dorian.

We were not able to go inside the jail, due to the reconstruction going on, but I included a before and after picture.

We were getting hungry and stopped at Zeke's Market. One of my favorite little grocery market. One the meat is good and cheap. Second, so is the veggies. We bought prepared steaks for 2.99 a pound. The beefsteak tomatoes were .69 cent a pound, lettuce .99 ea., onions 3 lbs for a 1.00 and a 3 LITER of COKE for 1.99, we don't have 3 liter COKE in Mesa, AZ.

As we were on the highway back home, the border control helicopter flew by us. Notice the flood/stadium lights along the border highway, kinda scary. This whole building a border wall reminds me of the Berlin Wall. History should keep us from repeating mistakes and learn, not repeat cycles. The whole idea of splitting families and deporting the parents to their native countries, while their children fend for themselves because they are citizens of US, not knowing where their parents are or finding out that they have been raided at work and taken away is so un-american. If the wall is to be built, why not work with those who are here and build a solution. But the way Sheriff Arpaio goes and does street sweeps where the minorities live and deport is inhumane. Meanwhile, the cities crime rate has jumped; bank and store robberies are climbing because the sheriff and his posse are out trying to stop the American dream. While he is out there he should be checking all nationalities for any warrants, not if they are legal to be in the US. Yes, it is against the law to be undocumented, however, there are many who are child molesters, parents who owe child support, drunk drivers, gang shooting, bank robbers, etc. who need to be caught as well. And I'm tired of the news stating an illegal alien when something wrong is reported on the news. Why not state both, a US Citizen/illegal alien? I'm getting off the subject. Sorry, it just chaps my hide...going on with our trip.

To go home we went through downtown El Paso. Ayla, my 3 year old spotted a statue of Elvis. Who knew after so many generations that he is still the King of Rock-n-Roll for the new generation? Ayla loves to listen to Elvis; especially, Burning Love. We past the 1930's Plaza Theatre that still have active performances. The Cathedral Parish of Saint Patrick, the mother church of the Diocese of El Paso, was built in 1914-1916. Bayardo wanted to make sure I included this in the blog. You see we're both Christians of different faith. Bayardo and his family are Catholic, except for Devan and Dorian, and my side of the family; we're LDS. I would have included a picture of the oldest Mormon church too, if we had more time. I'll ask my sister to send me a picture. It's only fair to include both:)

When we got home it would soon get dark. The club house where my sisters home is the only grill available but we would not be able to see. So we went to Wal-mart and bought a portable grill for the Navarro Family as a gift of gratitude. We had to tailgate to have the grill high and use extension cords for the light. Chillo felt so ghetto. I had to include the light we used. Luckly, Bayardo had his "headlight" from work to see as well. Ayla asked for a "free sample", I guess we go to Sam's Club a little to much. Soon everyone was there to enjoy the "free samples". The carne asada (grilled steak) was good, thanks babe.

On Saturday, October 11, 2008, we went to Lowes's. Who knew they would have the build and grow. My kids thought it was Ironic that the last Build and Grow we went on a road trip. Now we're on a road trip and the build and grow is available for us to participate and with baby Daniel. The kids made a toy skeleton.

Afterwards we went home and rested. Here Daniel and Ayla relax and watch a movie.

Deborah thought it would be fun to pay it forward and do as Stephanie Nelson did with her family
http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/2008_09_01_archive.html. In tribute to NieNie and her family, we did the same. We made little notes of encouragement/fortune and left them in different places in the mall. Hannah tries to place one slyly on the soda machine. I thought it would be a simple way of spreading the gospel. I included partial lyrics to hymns of our church, the scripture verse, and on the side I included lds.org.

"As I have loved you, love one another.
This new commandment...and I love you, smile Jesus loves you"
"I am a child of God...and he loves me as he loves you"
"Come, Follow me; the Savior said"
Daryl had good spirits, he suggested to "write 'Read Me', in the inside write, 'now throw me away" because he felt that's what they were going to do. He also felt like we would make the janitor work harder. I felt bad when we were at the mall and the janitor could hardly move and was old. However, with faith, I know a needed soul will be touched and even better if they search the lds.org website.

We toured El Paso some more taking the Scenic Drive up the Transmountain. The kids and Bayardo could not believe how big El Paso was or the border city Cd.Juarez, Mexico. They also decided to leave some good fortune here, too.

Later, we bought a Marie Calendars Banana Cream Pie for Hannahs birthday, her favorite. However, there was no Marie Calendar in El Paso, so we bought the frozen one at Wal-Mart. Not the same as fresh from Marie's. I'm so glad it's Marie Calendars month of Pie Sale in Mesa. I love pies. I don't care for cakes, except for my Tres Leche Cake. Even then I can only have a small piece.

The next day we left for home. I hate saying good bye. I try not to cry because once I do, I can't stop and get all depressed. I have to look forward for the next visit so that it is not so bad. So, I'm planning for Thanksgiving. We left at 1130am, since my sister and her family had to be at church. I'm glad Daryl, one of my baby brothers who is 25 years old, came to say good-bye. Did I mention I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters? Well I do, I'm the OLDEST. I also have a step-brother and sister. We're all spread out the U.S. from AZ to TX to KY to NY.

Daniel looks so much like his father. Ayla smiles like her Tio Daryl.

On our way home the skys were clear. See the big Quail or Prehistoric bird on the hill? That was in Las Cruces, NM, it took me back when it moved. We stopped at Bowlins Indian Trading Post. We bought a few firecrackers and sparklers. The kids have never used sparklers and so we thought it would be nice for New Years. Ayla wants to use them on her birthday. She is a Veterans day baby, so maybe we will celebrate both occasions at once.

We went past Globe and Miami again. The Antiques Stores were closed by the time we went through town. We stopped literally every 45 minutes because someone had to go to the bathroom. The canyon always blows my mind. Doesn't the boulders look like Dinasaur Poop? Everytime we drive by boulders, since I was a kid, I imagen that they must be prehistoric poop, since the rocks are so round and sometimes long. I know its grose but don't we all have some hidden thought or question where we wonder?! By the time we pasted Superior the sun was setting. I love the saguaros in the sunset or sunrise. Isn't it ironic that we started the trip with the sunrise and ended our trip with the sunset. Like an end of a chapter.

Oh, before the end of the chapter, I must say that the next day Ayla had to dress like her
Tia Deborah. You really have an influence on my children Navarro Family. The boys want to serve a mission like Tio Chillo, Ayla and Hannah want to go to University and get a degree. And then Ayla wants to dress like her Tia, "Tia likes to wear skirts like this and shirts that tye like this mama, thats why I'm suppose to wear this" So I told her that her knees don't show, "oh, yeah", she said...lol.Thank goodness my sister dresses modest!

Ciao for now,

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