Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poor Leo'nel or Should I Say Poor Mija(daughter)

We come back from our trip and have to face this the next day, on Tuesday, October 14th at 9am.
The insurance that my daughter had did not cover circumcisions. She also didn't know she had to pay for it ahead of the deliver time. So three weeks later, poor Leo'nel.
This is Leo'nel very happy and content and the last time Leo'nel will let his mama hold him for at least and hour or so. He was so mad, Emma said when she held his hand he looked at her like, "why are you doing this to me?"
They didn't even start yet and both sisters were holding each other for support and crying together. Note: My oldest Emma is 19 and My youngest Ayla is 3 years, but her soul is older and the two have their own special teasing bond. I had to take Ayla out because she was so mad that they were going to hurt her nephew. Both girls were so mad I was taking pictures of this. I told them that this is a big moment for my grandson and I wanted to document it.
Emma didn't want to see the procedure so I held Leo'nel's hand and tried to comfort him. Ayla was crying so I had to take her out. I looked at Emmas eyes and said, "Emma your his mother and he cannot see you cry, can you hold his hand and be there or take Ayla out." She chose to be there for Leo'nel. I was Proud that she straightened up and grinned and bear'ed it.
After it was all over he didn't want Emma to hold him. He was so mad nothing would calm him. That is except for me;)
As soon as he heard my voice he calmed down and would every now and then cry and I would tell him Mama Arnnette was here and Grandma wouldn't let anything more happen to him. He slept in my arms and would whimper every now and then. I would just sing and talk to him. He would open one eye to make sure it was me. For three weeks old, he is just like his mama, Emma, very alert and his personality already shines through.
Ciao for now,
I love my grandson.

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The Navarro's said...

yay, the pics are up! aye, poor leonel! just thinking about it makes me squirm. poor little guy. it's a good thing his gramma was there to comfort him. tell ayla i love her outfit. that's so cute:)