Monday, September 22, 2008

Celebrations Today.


This is my brother Daryl James. He is Twenty-something. I believe today he is twenty-four. Yes, it's his birthday! So I would like to take the time to wish him a Happy Happy Birthday! Below is Daryl with my other brother who had his birthday last month, Derek Arnold.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2008,

His Niece, Emma, delivered her baby boy!

Bienvenido A Nuestra Familia Leo'nel Alejandro
Emma calls me and says, "Mom, how do you know your in labor?"

"It feels like hard menstral cramps, then harder and closer with steady timing, not random contractions." I say.

"Oh, NO." and starts to moan and cry out. "Why?", I say. I think I'm in labor.

I was on my way out to JOAnns Fabric to buy my fabric for our families Halloween Costumes. So I told her to call me in 15minutes to let me know if the contractions come every 5 minutes.

"They are and it's more like 4 minutes apart" she says. So I guess JoAnn's will have to wait.

So I told her to meet me at the hospital, sounds like she is in labor.

"Oh, No... she crys again, "I just saw the Dr. today and told me I wouldn't have the baby until Wednesday."

I told her she was going to have the baby today and I was on my way to get her.

This is Emma when Ayla and I, arrive at her home and when we check her in the hospital. Which by the way, Banner Gateway in Mesa is wonderful, and everyone were patient and friendly, especially the staff at the cafeteria:)

Once Emma has been checked in, the contractions are now two minutes apart and shes crying that she doesn't want an Epideral, but that the pains are strong(She didn't think this was minor until later when she REALLY felt the contractions and changed her mind for the Epideral). Then Alex asks me, "Hey do you really think she is having the baby today? or is this false alarm?" I was like, "No Alex, you'll be a daddy by 7:30 7:45. (Which by the way if the Dr was there at that time, He would have been born at that time. He was born at 8:25pm" "Then Emma moans again, and says "it hurts and mom stop taking pictures!" I told her she should of thought about that before she got herself in this mess.
I showed Emma the picture of me smiling. She was like "mom, you are smiling and enjoying this while I'm in pain." Simply said, "Yes, It's payback back time for everything you said to me when I was pregnant with Ayla." (Ayla is my youngest at 3 years old. Emma is 18 turning 19 on the 28th of September). "Plus, this is a silent bond to our daughters and or granddaughters, with out saying, 'now you know what I went through" and just understanding the reverence of it all. Having more compassion to our mothers when they gave advice and their wisdom and us taking for granted that "they" dont know what their talking about. Okay, maybe I'm rambling on, but she knew what my smile meant.
And now my three year old was comforting her oldest sister telling her, "Its okay Emma, everything is gonna be alright, this is a nice hospital and the dr will take care of you. I'm here to take care of you, and someday, I'm gonna have a baby too, and you will take care of me, alright, shhhhhh! Its alright" This while holding her sisters hand and rubbing it.

Hannah finally shows up, Emma's 13 year old sister, She crys and is happy to be here to see the delivery, along with great grandma Jinette and Great Aunt- Tia Lou. Disappointed later that no one was allowed but two people, so of course Alex was there and my self, Mama Arnnette, to take the picture.

Alex with his mama, Abuelita Concepcion.

Tia Leticia and Tio Oscar waiting for Leo'nel.

Welcome Leo'nel!

Las Abuelas

Las Tias: Ayla, Leo'nel, and Hannah.

I want to end with, my testimony, Emma was very tense during her labor and was close to having a C-Section. Emma was stressing and the baby was struggling as well. I asked if Emma wanted a blessing and she did. Grandpa Mundo stayed home with Devan and Dorian so I called my Bishop. Bishop Johnston was stuck in traffic in Phoenix and sent Brother Tuft. With all the drama going on I forgot the other Brother who came. I am so thankful for the gift of the Priesthood, Thank you Bishop Johnston for feeling the spirit to ask Brother Tuft and his neighbor to bless and annoint Emma. The spirit was so strong, and I know it was this blessing and along with Emma's faith that everything turned out safe and a fast delivery. That Leo'nel is a healthy grandson and will bring blessings to our family. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, is a true church and we have been given great leaders. That our Prophet Thomas Monson is our chosen prophet. That Heavenly Father loves us and will give us trials that we can handle. That Jesus died for us and that he loved us. And though the gift of Motherhood is not comparable to what Jesus did for us. That during our labor, we have a reminder of the pain and love that Jesus had for us. I know that Families are Forever and I say these things in the name of thy son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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