Saturday, September 20, 2008

Better Late Than Never...Shower/Baptism

I finally found the plug to down load pictures from my camera. I have had requests for pictures from Emma's Baby Shower and the Boyz Baptism all on the same weekend, about a month ago.
Alex and Emma's Baby Shower

Okay, So my daughter, Emma, is having out first grandchild. She's having a boy, Leo'nel Alejandro. Her shower was on August 23, 2008. She is due any day now, but the Dr.'s say Due on the 24th of September, the Birthday of my Brother-in-law, Kenneth and my future sister-in-law, Rachel.
The invitation were simple, black with a baby blue bow and this photo of Alex and Emma.
The shower was however, not so simple. What is with the youth? Emma wanted to serve pizza. Let me back up a bit. Emma said she wanted to bring a few friends to her shower. I said okay thats fine. TWO WHOLE PAGES WITH TWO COLUMNS LATER!!!! Okay we have all heard of Bridezilla, this was Emma, and this was not even her wedding shower, slash, wedding reception. THIS WAS A BABY SHOWER!! Oh and let me say that it was a couple shower. Which is fine, but 175-200 people later...Needless to say I was able to pull it off with the help of her in-laws, her dad, my husband, my bestfriend:Carol, and her uncle: WHO WAS THE DJ! Yes, we even had a DJ. I felt like the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" only Latino, but aren't we the same, big families, BBQ's, Music...but let's not forget this was suppose to be a baby shower. I had to do some quick thinking, because it was to many to serve Hamburgers, since we had it at Carols home and no grill. Emma hates Italian Food, Let's not go there, and budget was short. So, Grandma Jinette(mmm, thank you) made the arroz(rice), I made the frijoles ranchero (ranch beans), and a family friend Maria (bless her) made the barbaqoa (Mexican BBQ), served with Bayardos Italian Pasta(too, bad Emma), and dinner rolls. The cake was made by our daughter, Chelsea. We had enough food and left overs! Drinks we had water, Horchata (rice drink), and Refresco de Pina (pineapple).

  1. We played the rice game, where your blinded and have to search the safety pins from the rice.
  2. The dirty diaper...where you melt the candy bar in the diapers and players have to guess what candy is melted.
  3. Unscramble the baby words.
  4. the toilet paper game...where you guess how many toilet papers it takes to wrap around Emmas waist, however we had to guess how many around Emma and Alex hugging each other took.
  5. And I can't remember what else. I was just glad it was over.
Here's a few photos, unfortunately we forgot the camera and only took the diaper game and the opening of the presents.

Devan & Dorians Baptism

The following day, 24th of August, was the baptism of Devan & Dorian. They have been waiting for this special day since they turned 8 years old. However, Bayardo is Catholic, and I am LDS, also known as Morman (No not the reorganized church that everyone knows nationally, jeff warrens group, the original). Anyways, Dad would not let the boys get baptized until they turned 18. But they bugged so much, so Dad said yes. They are now 9 and 10 years old and active with my wards Boy Scouts. They have so much knowledge about the gospel. Devan faithfully reads the book of morman everynight before he goes to bed. Dorian reads a little when he's bored or sad. They are great examples. Last sunday, I had a bad migraine. I was all ready to go to church and I just could not go. However, they wanted to go and they went by themselves. I was so proud. They came back telling me what they learned and almost told me everything they were taught almost word for word.

But dont get me wrong, they get mad as a mule chewing on bumblebees, with each other. What 9-10 year old doesn't. But they have a big testimony. In fact they not only sang a duet at their baptism, they had their testimony printed on their program. I'm leaving with their testimonies and pictures from their baptism. A nice ending to that wild and crazy weekend in August of 2008.

Testimony of Devan
I would like to bear my testimony
I believe that the prophet today is the real prophet, &
I will hope to be a prophet one day and share
The gospel about Heavenly Father and
teach other children and my dad, Bayardo.
I believe that this church is true,
and will teach me more about my
Heavenly Father and that I will be a better child
to Heavenly Father, and live with him someday.
I say these things,
in the name of thy son,
Jesus Christ,

Testimony of Dorian
I would like to bear my testimony
I believe the prophet is true.
I believe that I can be a missionary.
I believe I can teach little kids about Jesus Christ
And to believe I can live with him someday.
I say these things,
in the name of thy son,
Jesus Christ,

Elder Marsh (from Alaska) Dorian, Devan, Elder Meunich (from Idaho)
Elder Meunich baptized the boys and
Elder Marsh confirmed the boys the following Sunday.

Dad (Bayardo), Dorian, Devan, and I.

The Family
Kayla, Ayla, Jordan, Dorian, Dad, Devan, Mama Arnnette, Hannah.
Missing in Action: Tyrel was with grandma, Chelsea had to work, &
Emma n Oscar was sick(soon after we all were with the flu).

La Familia
Back: Troy, Brooke, Kayla, Diegito, Primo Diego, Tanner, Carol, Me, Jordan, Dad,
Grandma Jinette, Olivia, Grandpa Mundo, Tia Lou, Prima Maren.
Front: Hannah S., Dorian, Ayla, Devan, Hannah, Melia,

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