Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Devan

Devan turned 11 years on January 16th. We celebrated by going out to eat after his basketball game to Native New Yorker. Devan and Dorian had a basketball game that day, as well as Oscar. It was a nice ending for the evening since they lost their games. Oscar came later after is game. Devan was surprised when they came and sang Happy Birthday.
Here's your spot light Devan.

Why we love Devan...

Devoted to his family, friends, and church.
Enthuses on what he has to say or believe with passion, even when he goes on and on and on and on and on about Pokemon and I have to look enthused!
Valiant in standing up for the truth
Answers back to his parents (okay, that wasn’t nice, but he always Apologizes when he is ready with a hug and kiss, on his own), I love that part. So back to A;
Artistic with his drawings and creative stories that he writes.
Nobody can beat his score in Rock Band (guitar) and he creates his own music.

We love you Devan.

Ciao For now,


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