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Christmas 2008

Before I start with a glimpse of Christmas...On the 13Th of December we celebrated Bayardo's birthday at Moki's.

We were lucky to have his birthday when Mokis's have their Luau. On the first Friday of every month at the Southern/Val Vista location and on the 2Nd Saturday of the month at the Dobson/Baseline location; Moki's have all you can eat Luau with entertaining. We love Hawaiian food. Here Bayardo is enjoying his dinner. Here is a sample of the entertaining.

Here is "Da Pidgin" Ten Commandments we encountered.
(A dialect of English spoken on the Hawaiian Islands)

On the 8Th and the 15Th of December, the kids had their Winter Performance. I included video clips of each of them: Hannah (the petite thing), Devan (first left front guitarist), Dorian (Behind the singer with the green skirt wearing "pink" shades).

Christmas Eve we spent it with the Alfaro's/Flores. This year we were at Kenneth's home. Unfortunately, Selena was tired and called it a night. But the Alfaro's don't stop, we moved it to The Flores and continued to "celebrate" Jesus B-Day until 130am-2am.
Nina, Selena, Baby K, Marysa

Kayla (holding her drink, Diana, Alexis,& Jordan playing Aggravation, Carly singing Karaoke.
Here you can see Carly singing and all the family spending a joyous time together.
Here sister Nina & Bayardo have a try at the Karaoke.

At about 2am-3am in the morning, after coming back from Queen Creek the kids open the family gift. Here are two clips of them opening the gift they were wondering about and after they opened it. Note: Ayla nursed until she was close to being 3 years. July 17, 2008 marked one year from being nursed free, however, she still begs me, you can catch that at the end of the first clip. It will rotate, promise.

Here the family is rocking with Rock Band. Ayla is singing ACDC and adding her own words of 'Santa Claus is coming to town" We didn't go to bed until 5am.
Christmas Morning, after about 3 hours of sleep, we had breakfast at Abuelita Jinette's
& Grandpa Mundo. Yes! We scored with Tamales Tico's (from Costa Rica), Tamales Mexicano's, Gallo Pinto, Platanos Fritos, eggs, Chocolate de Mexico, y Cafe.

Here my other favorite brother in law RJ, and his mama Bonnie enjoy some time together eating the delicious food.

Ayla spilled her drink and was drying her pants...It took about 10 minutes, but she was determined.

We were able to enjoy some time with my cousin Alejandro. Diego , his brother and Maren brought him to visit. He is so special. You can feel the spirit with him. He is blind, autistic, retarded, and two other disabilities that I forget. No matter how long it is that I've been apart from my primo, he always seems to recognize when I sing his name. He'll touch my face to kiss him and search my hand to softly tickle his arm.

Chelsea, our second oldest, came to visit from Virginia, here Dad and his first baby girl spend time together.
He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot. Well not really, Abuelita Jinette would have been upset. The grandchildren gathered to visit with Santa after his long night. Hey where's Grandpa Mundo?
He was asleep on the couch...or was he? Here Evan tells Papa that he missed Santa.

When, what to our wondering eyes should appear, It was Tio Marco who flew by eight tiny reindeer...
Here mama shouts for joy when she spots Marco. She was sad that Tio Marco and Tio Jorge missed the holiday season with the family. Jorge was not able to come. We were glad that Marco was able to lift mamas spirit some.
Tyrel, our daughter enjoying some time with her nephew Leo'nel.

Here is Tio Marco holding Leo'nel, my grandson.

Here's Evan Rock'n with his new guitar

Here Evan is Rock'n with his guitar and Ayla vocals, Go Primos!
Olivia is enjoying her brother and prima entertain.

After 7 1/2 hours, the kitchen Abuelita Jinette and Grandpa Mundo gave to the grandchildren for Christmas, was finally assembled by RJ, C-Bass, and Stephanie.

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