Saturday, January 3, 2009

Favorite Book Friday

Okay, I'm late, however, here is my choice. In celebration of Chinese New Year Soon, 2009 is The OX. So I chose the Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe. This version is retold and illustrated by Steven Kellogg.

The tall tales of Paul Bunyan are continued into the next generation. This version tells that his children are responsible for making many well-known American landmarks. Author: Audrey Wood, Illustrator: David Shannon

My children and I enjoyed both of the books and their illustration
I also included a word search (Click on the word Search to go to the link).
I also included the video clip of Disneys Paul Bunyan, just click here.
Ciao for Now,


The Navarro's said...

hey arnnette, you always post the coolest things! how are you guys? i can't wait for pictures from the holidays. tell everyone i love them. love you.

The Navarro's said...

i was looking through some sewing blogs and thought i would let you know that you should start selling those aprons you make. they're so beautiful and i bet you'd do great with them!!

Molly said...

Hey Arnnette, Looks like you're having fun posting. I'm a bit behind. Love you book idea. See you next month.