Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving started at my kids school on Tuesday. There were kids who did a mini talent show. Hannah's friend Sah-Dia sang Amazing Grace. Here is Sah-Dia with her mama, Gwen.
She did a beautiful job. Emma and her little family joined us there as well.
Bayardo always works nights. This was his first annual dinner with the school, since his work traded his shifts to days for the week. Here we are with Ayla and our grandson Leo'nel.

This Thanksgiving we spent time at my Mama's and With Bayardo's Mama. My kids spent their Thanksgiving at their Dad's. Next year I get to spend it with my kids and my grandson. He'll be a year old and will enjoy Thanksgiving a little bit more. I started by making my traditional Sally Jesse Raphael French Toast Casserole for breakfast.
This is Sally Jesse Raphael, the Oprah of the 80's.
I've been making this casserole since Emma was born. I only make it for Thanksgiving. It's cubed up bread and cream cheese layered in a casserole. Then soaked all night with eggs and maple syrup mixture. In the morning, pop it in the oven, while you start the Thanksgiving fix ins, and then when its ready. Pour some maple syrup and serve it warm. It's kinda like a bread pudding. It's one of the many recipes I recorded from ABC the Home Show, which later became Home and was hosted with Rob Weller and then later with Gary Collins along with various female hosts. I loved this daytime show which showed recipes from stars (Thus the Sally Jesse Raphael French Toast), how to pick veggies and fruit with Curtis, Crafts with Dian Thomas, Carol Duvall, and Kitty Bartholomew Interior Decorator. I also remember Keely Shaye Smith with her flower/garden tips. The show aired in the late 1980's, early 1990's. If you're old enough to remember, remember them?
We first went to my Mama's. Since I was going to two homes, I made a big batch of green bean casserole and divided into 3 casseroles to share at both locations. The only this is I added cheese. I was lucky enough to find a photo that looked as nice as mine. I keep forgetting to take pictures of my creations. Only I had French's Fried Onions along the border/edge.
Looks good, huh? The men watched football, duh, that was a given. Here is my hunk of beefcake and my baby brother from my mama, Sebastian or as we call him "C-Bass".

Here is my Mama, Jinette, Pura Tica. There's little Rian wondering when Mama Jinette will ring the dinner bell.
This is my Tia Mara and Tio Juan, My Mama's brother. They live in Costa Rica and are visiting here for the holiday's.
My lovely sister Lou. Doesn't she look like my Mama?
Here's my sister's little bundle of joy, Olivia. She is 7 months old and her first Thanksgiving. Ayla loves to sing to her.
My brother's girl, Riann and Ayla and Evan my nephew by Lou and RJ.

Miss Hailey, C-Bass's girl. Hey, Steph and C-Bass didn't take a photo together. Find Steph and C-Bass Here.

Later we went to my Sister-In-Law's home. Ita, Bayardo's mom is visiting from Nicaragua. She leaves next week. Here she is with baby K.J., Kenneth's baby boy and only boy.
So we got together in the evening. Nina, my sister-in-law and Kenneth, my brother-in-law, both of whom are Bayardo's sibling, decided to make the turkey. Here you can see how the Turkey's turned out.

No, it's not the light, well actually it is. I was so much darker than it looks here. Which of the two do you think was good? Kenneths. Nina cooked her turkey with a little too much vinegar. Besides, vinegar? All in all, it was a nice evening spent. It was weird not to have tete here with us. Here is Tete with Bayardo, packing before their move to Nicaragua.
Happy Thanksgiving to our friends, family who are away, children who are away out of town(Miss Chelsea), and to anyone else I missed.
Ciao for now,

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