Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

Can you guess what my son dressed up as?

Ooops, how 'bout now?

If you guess Ponyboy from The Outsiders, Your right!
Isn't he handsome? My husband thought he looked more like soda pop.
As much as I love my son, nobody looks like Rob Lowe, so ponyboy he is.

In case you can't read the titles, Rob Lowe(Sodapop) is the second from the Left
and C.Thomas Howell (Ponyboy) is the third from the Left.

Can you guess what my youngest daughter is? If your guessed Silvermist from Tinkerbell friends, your right?
I know Silvermist has her hair down, but her wings kept falling off.
Oh and yes, this is one of the costumes that was last minute sewing until 4pm; from her outfit, the candy bag, wings, and her elf shoes. Silvermist fabric could not be found, so, painted the fabric like the blending colors of the real silvermist.

Can you guess what one of our older boys dressed up as?

How easy was this?

Yes, Wolverine! Fact: those are his real sideburns, he gets it from my babe.
However, like I said before, nothing like the real thing:)

Ooops, here is the real thing

My other sons either didn't want a picture or didn't dress up. And by the time I came back from trick or treating either my oldest girls were gone or I forgot to take their pictures.

Here is my 15 year old, as her own super hero with the wicked witch of the west. Here my youngest daughter holds hands & walks with her nephew, my grandson.
Can you guess what he is?
Yes, Winnie the Pooh.
I will say he is much cuter than the real winnie the pooh. We had friends who trick-or-treated with us.
Here is my oldest daughter with her family.

While we trick-or-treated... We saw dead people coming out the yards, Seeing plants, Jack-o-Lanterns (looking at me)...

And Ghostrider...BUAhhaahaa! Notice the orbs in the picture, hmmm.

Hope you had a safe Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

You had a Wolverine too! Haha!

Ok, I have to say that the PonyBoy costume is so awesome! Did your son think of that himself? I love it!!

Robin H.