Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas past

With all the Buya of Black Friday/Black Weekend sales I thought I'd list some Christmas Past wish list for kids...Member?

1960s commercial for Topper Toys' Suzy Homemaker items which allowed girls to "...wash dishes, clean house, launder, iron....and always look lovely." What could be more fun??!!

How about the Original Mr & Mrs Potato Heads,this is when Mr Potato Head was a real potato. They've come along way.

GI Joe come back.

How about The Green Machine?

Of course, some still haven't grown up from Big Wheels...This is funny must watch.

Even Underoo's were a secretly wanted, or as my brothers were would call them, "Tan-Tar-Rans"! You know, they would tie a towel around their necks and make it into a cape and yell, "Tan-tar-An!"

Although I searched high and low for a hand held AM/FM radio with hand strap that I once received for Christmas because it was a must have, As suppose to the I-Pods kids, including my husband, really want now; you had to stand in the right spot to get good radio reception and volume to work. I did come across this music inspiration commercial I just couldn't stop laughing I almost peed my pants off! Seriously, I couldn't stop thinking of this commercial.

Did you pee your pants off? Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and Black out specials were great. I stayed with family and decided that the early rise, stand in lines, grumpy crowds, was not as worth the thrill of shopping as staying home with family.

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Nicole Feliciano said...

So cool. I had never seen an original Mr. Potato head before.