Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School

The kids started school yesterday. It was so nice to send them off. I remember taking pictures of my oldest children, making them wave and yell "freeze! Wait till I take the picture! SNAP! Okay you can go now"

Now I felt like I practically slamed on my brakes and yelled at them to hurry! Even though they still had 15 minutes till the tardy bell! I feel like such a bad mom, NOT:) My husband and I, along with my 4 year old went and had lunch to celebrate!
I didn't pick them up till 6pm! It was heaven.
Okay, In my defense, the kids wanted to stay late after school.
It has been a long summer without many of their friends.
The school has after school activities at the Boys and Girls Clubs and so...
they were not abandoned.

Then I picked them up, they ate dinner and off to Cub & Boys Scouts at 7pm and my daughter had Young Womens at church. So I really scored!
After so many kids, you want the peace.
I have a feeling it will not be the same with my baby who is 4 now.
She is my last one yet to go to school.
She has to wait a year to go to school, since she will be 5 in November.
She can add basic math and read some words.
She is to smart for her britches and has great memory.
With Arizona having cut the budget for Education,
they did not have Early Kindergarten programs for my daughter.
Speaking of school, I thought I would share the oldest school still standing in Arizona. This is the Pine-Strawberry School House on Fossel Creek Road.
It is now a museum, located about a two hour drive north of Phoenix,
20-30 min north of Payson. This school was built in the 1880's.

I thought you would be interested how times have changed.
Here are the Rules For both Teachers and Students in 1872.

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