Sunday, August 9, 2009

Apron Fest '09 Winner

I finally drew a name for the
Apron Fest '09 Giveaway,
or should I say a Clone Trooper and
Princess Snow White drew names.
First, Thank you to all that entered.
I browsed each site that provided a link,
& I was inspired and delighted by many.
I have been overwhelmed by the kind words
and memories of aprons you all have said!
For more memories of aprons visit
or click the button below.
Make sure you have a tissue or two,
all the portraits and voices made me tear up.

The first winner
that was chosen is...
Damaris said...
my apron memory- I grew up in Brazil. My grandma has this huge kitchen and makes really good food. She always wears an apron. She would let me wear her apron if I ate all my food. I know love aprons and send her a new one every year for her birthday.

You may choose from the full Denim Apron


the Half apron with the embroidered pocket:)
Felizidades Damaris!!!

The second winner...
And I must say why I chose to have a second winner.
After Apron Fest started,
I received a call that my friend Carol R. was
going under surgery for breast cancer.
We all prayed that the Dr.'s get everything.
Apparently, she will have to go through Chemotherapy.
& it looks like she'll beat it.
Carol is a wonderful friend and I have never heard her say anything wrong about anyone, expect her first husband, who she survived domestic abuse from.
If she can beat the odds of abuse,
and now have a loving husband who is by her side,
along with friends who love her,
she can beat this!
We have a long road ahead of us and lot's of prayers.
So, I decided to make a breast cancer awareness half apron,
with a ruffled pocket.

I dedicate this apron to Carol R.,
those fighting or survived breast cancer, and in fact, any cancer.
So, the second winner is:
Kathy said...
Thank you for the chance to win one of your aprons. And thank you for the story about your grandma. I miss mine so much. I wish my husband could of met her. I have memories the most at Christmas time. Making cookies and fudge. I now make everything with my 6 yr. old granddaughter. I think its neat to have different aprons because it can change you personality. Come check my blog contest out as well tomorrow.

Felizidades Kath':)

This was so much fun to get to hear from other blogger's and readers. I will definitely be doing something like it again soon, since I will be hitting my 100th post. So please come back and check out the blog once in a while!

¡Gracias A Todos!
Thank You Everyone!

Here is the drawing for the winners.
I had problems reading the folded papers and holding the camera.


The Navarro's said...

Wow, Arnnette those aprons turned out beautifully. How neat that you got to participate in that. I'm so sorry to hear about Carol. I will make sure to keep her in our prayers. Let her know I send my love and support.

The Fru-Gals said...


Thanks so much for putting our button on your blog, which by the way I adore. great aprons great music awesome blog take care The Frugals