Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad Day

Today two famous artists died: Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.
Farrah was known for her 1970's television series "Charlie's Angels" at the age of 62 this morning at 9:28am. She battled cancer and fought hard. She now is with her mother and sister in heaven who battled cancer as well. As Jaclyn Smith, who was known as the other angel said, "Farrah had courage, she had strength, and she had faith. And now she has peace as she rests with the real angels."

Michael Jackson died at a Los Angeles hospital after being found unconscious and not breathing at his home. He was 50.
My parents called to tell me Michael Jackson Died. However, my husband called earlier. My mom asked, "Arnnette, are you sitting down?"
"Yes", I said. She continued to say that MJ had passed away. She thought I would cry.
I have to say I did cry for Farrah, only because of the trials she battled with cancer, to close to home.
I bet you're wondering why my mom thought I would cry for Michael Jackson?
You see, In high school I loved Michael Jackson. I had all the magazines and diaries and folders with "I Love Michael". It was 1984, my parents were reading the paper when I screamed hysterically, and they could not get me to stop crying. When I finally calmed down, I showed them the paper with Michael all bandaged up from an accident that happened while filming a Pepsi commercial.
hm mm, maybe this is why I don't drink Pepsi and Only Coke is allowed in my house and the dining room decorated with Coke products. I don't think so but it's been so long, no, Pepsi gives me bad headaches and an after taste that makes me nauseous so, no it can't be due to the accident. I'm rambling again.
Anyways, my parents were mad because I was screaming like a crazy teenager. They thought I over reacted. I got in trouble for crying over michael when I should be crying over my grades or the current wars going on in the world.
My friend Diane S. understood my feelings, because apart from me being his big fan, Diane was more in love with him and even went to El Paso just to see his concert and here in Phoenix!

Thus the reason my parents thought I would over react today with the news of Michael Jackson. I will miss his talent and the memories of younger Michael Jackson.
My sympathy to Farrah's Family and Michaels Family. Both can rest in peace with out their worldly battles, and may their memories continue. Here's two songs I dedicate to both, She's out of my life and Ben, which Michael sang. Ben is acturally about his pet mouse. I always cry to both.

Ciao for now,

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Kerby Family said...

It was a sad day for all who knew of MJ's and Farrah's talents. The last couple of years MJ started looking like he was going to break in half. So good to see your adorable family. Please give them my love.