Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day Short Happy Fathers Day

Remember when our mothers would say, "Go Ask Your Dad". It seems now a days it's "Go Ask Your Mom" or "Go tell mom" or "You better go do your chore or your mom's going to get mad"or "mom, Mom, MoM,MOM, MAMA!"
Well yesterday or all weekend it was Dads' Day & Activities. I was going crazy because that is exactly what happened. Dad was on strike and sent the kids to me. It was Father's Day. However, we celebrated two days of father's day.

On Saturday we went to my mama's and went swimming. Well the kids did. Including my brothers Marco and Sebastian.

My grandson Leo'nel and Oscar our oldest son.

My sister Luisa and Evan, my nephew.

Luisa with her baby Olivia.

My Mama, Jinette.

Our close friend Rosanne and her boys Christopher and Jr.
My Brother In Law RJ with Olivia, my niece.
My hunk of burning love, Bayardo, Happy Fathers Day Babe! And Grandpa Mundo.

Tio Marco showing off his look a like cup. I drew my nephew on his cup, since he can't read so my brother wanted me to draw a look a like on his cup.

Notice the muscles as well? LOL.
Below are more muscles, Grandpa Mundo and Oscar grilling the corn and burgers.
Here Grandma Jinette, Grandpa Mundo Enjoy their lunch with Dorian, Evan, and Ayla.

Olivia loves the corn, so does her Tia;)
Emma our oldest daughter and her son, our grandson Leo'nel, 9 months old.
Then the next day we grilled again. Here is my Brother in Law, Kenneth, with my hunk of beefcake, Bayardo. Here they are grilling carne asada, pork ribs, & zucchini. I made two roasted chicken in the oven, Rice, & Beans. We had salad, potato salad, and marble cake with homemade whip cream frosting.
The kids are picking fresh tomatoes for the salad. From the top: Deanna, Dorian, Alexa, & Ayla.
Primas Hannah & Deanna.
Primas Ayla & Alexa.
To end this post, Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there who love their children and family and show it. Here's a tribute our dad, the grandpa's, the uncles with children.

Ciao for now,

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The Navarro's said...

Yay, pictures!! Sounds like you guys had a nice Father's Day weekend. I love the picture of Leo'nel with Emma. That smile gets me every time.