Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Olivia is home!

I have so, been bad on face book and especially my blog.
I just noticed I have not updated my blog with Olivia's progress!

I want to thank everyone for their prayers. Olivia was diagnosed that she was not going to recover and had brain damage. Needless to say my sister was very upset and my brother-in-law, I have to hand it to him he would not leave Olivia's side. I did not believe the doctors, I had faith and said we have to keep trying and having faith. We have prayers coming in from everywhere. Olivia was drawing but would not speak. 'How could she have brain damage' I thought to my self. I told RJ, my brother in law to get a second opinion. I explained that patients have rights to second opinions.
It had been days since she has eaten. She would not eat. I started to feed her and she would spit it out. I would tell her, Olivia, 'this is macaroni and cheese, you love it. It's just weird at first.' So I tried it, and said 'mmmm'. So then she slowly tried it and boy did she tear it down. I couldn't catch up to the feeding.I was sure it was because of the tubes down her throat. She was probable afraid to swallow and speak.
They got a second opinion and sure enough, suddenly there was no brain damage, Olivia said "I love you mama" to my sister and within 24 hours later, they sent her home and Olivia was Okay.

She is now more active than before the drowning. She is back swimming and doesn't remember the whole ordeal. I know it is the faith and prayers from our family, friends, and all of those who read about Olivia and prayed for our family. Thank you!
PURA VIDA--Pure Life!!

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