Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Today is Labor Day, I like Labor Day, an extra day of rest in honor of Labor. I sure needed the extra day. What did you do? BBQ, Shop, go camping or a mini vacation?
I spent the day with my little one and my niece, Olivia.
Ayla and I went to visit my brothers new restaurant at the
Pool Together in Mesa, Az.
We love the empanadas, gallo pinto, arroz con pollo de Costa Rica, and especially the variety of Latin America's sodas. My favorite, a Brazillian drink, Guarana.
As I was ready to leave, My brother and law, RJ, showed up with my nephew and niece.
Olivia ran straight to me and then noticed Ayla and wouldn't let go. It was so special.
Then Evan came and wouldn't let go of Ayla.
While Evan took off with Dad, Olivia, Ayla and I strolled around the market place.

Later we went to the book store and read books there.
Finished the day at McDonalds and called it a day.
It was a special day, spending time with my niece and my little girl.

PURA VIDA--Pure Life!!

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