Friday, June 13, 2008


We're the Alfaro Family.
Bayardo is from Managua Nicaragua. Raised as a lad in San Francisco, California in the Mission District. Came to Mesa, AZ as a Junior to Dobson High were he graduated from.
I, Arnnette, am a native from Mesa, AZ. My dad from Chihuahua, Mexico raised in El Paso, Texas and living in Kentucky for the last 25 years and probably retiring there. My mama is from Costa Rica, Central America, who was adopted from Papa Joe and Mama Josie Mortenson. I went to Dobson High my freshman to junior year. My senior year I transfered to Mesa High where I graduated from. Wouldn't you know that the year I transfered is the year Bayardo went to Dobson High! We kept crossing paths through aquaintances.
I guess Heavenly Father had a plan for us. I do not carry well during pregnacy. I always wanted a big family. Well, I have one now.

This is all our kids on our Honeymoon, yep, we were Krazee to bring the kids, but we are taking a big leap forward with our combined family:)
Yours, Mine and Ours, we have 10 kids. Bayardo has 6 from his other relationships (Chelsea-18, Kayla-18, Jordan-16, Tyrel-14, Devan-10, and Dorian-9) and I have 3 kids (Emma-18, Oscar-16, & Hannah-13), from a previous marriage. We were blessed with Cynthea Ayla who is 3 years old. Emma our oldest will be blessed with her first child who is due in September around her 19th birthday, so young and can't wait to say I told you so or remember when...So we'll be grandparents soon. She looks so cute I have to say.
I'm new at this Blogging thing. So please bare with me.
Ciao for now,

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