Sunday, July 11, 2010

Requests for Prayers

My two nieces are in the hospital.

Above left to right is Alexis, Carly, Kennito, Ayla.
In the back is my babe at the grill and my brother-in-law Kenneth with crutches, a norm for him.Here the little Prima's having fun at our last Christmas Reunion.
From left to Right Ayla, Carly, & Alexis. They are all a year apart.

My brother-in-law Kenneth & Selina his wife, youngest daughter Alexis; who just turned 7 in June, is in the hospital. She has had seizures for a while and they are running tests to find out what is wrong and the causes for her seizures. Please pray that the doctors are able to find the reason and that they will have a cure for Alexis diagnosis.

The Pagliasotti Family
Olivia my niece who just turned 2 in March, the youngest and only daughter of my sister Luisa and my brother in law RJ, near drowned yesterday late afternoon. She is in the hospital in NICU. My sister was sitting on the steps yesterday by the pool with her friend Diana and her sister Judy. Olivia was swimming next to Luisa when she removed her floaters and with out a splash sound she sunk to the bottom. My sister has the memory of finding her at the bottom of the pool. Judy immediately started CPR and saved her life. Please pray for my sister Luisa, as I would think would be the hardest memory to live with as a parent to see your daughter go through the trauma and vision of how they found her.
Olivia's 2nd Birthday about to eat her Cupcake.
Pray for Olivia as she is sedated with antibiotics to fight any infection in her lungs and that she does not have Permanent brain damage.
Please watch your little ones by the pool, bath, or even a bucket of water.
PLEASE PRAY for Alexis and her family and Olivia and her family. Thank you.


Rachelle said...

We will definately be praying for them & their families. I'm so sorry these things are happening. (((hugs)))!

btw, how did the move go?

Rachelle S.

--Arnnette said...

Thank you For the prayers. My sister wants everyone to know her family welcomes the prayers and thanks everyone.

Mama's Place said...

Please let Luisa know that the Francis family will be praying for them. May your family feel the peace that comes with everyones prayers and thoughts.

BTW...I'm Maren's mother.

Elder Joshua Davis said...

Thanks for the update Arnette, Please let Luisa know that we love her and will keep her in our prayers. Let us know if you or any of your family need any help with anything.