Saturday, July 4, 2009


It's been a year since I started my blog. I'm shy 100 posts by 10. I'm thinking of having a give away celebrating my 100 post / year anniversary. Technically I started it in June of 2008 but didn't really start posting until September. I still consider myself a newbie, is there such a word? I have more info on my giveaway later this month.
As I was searching other blogs around the world, for the same likes as I have, I came across Helena Boham Carter's website, Tim Burton's wife. I love Tim Burton's Production as much as I do Helena's acting. What caught my eye was her fashion.
Do you like? Oh I do, click here for her website and more fashion creations.
She has more information on how to have your own "pantaloonies", however, I don't live in England to ship off my own pants and have them created by her friend.
So, I made a mental goal of completing my projects this summer. You know like the photos and scrapbook supplies that you someday will start on. Your quilts that you want to hand stitch. The aprons that I want to sew and sell for the holidays. Closets and rooms that need rearranging. I can go on and on.
One of my projects was to create my own Pantaloon's. So here they are...
Close-Up of Edge or Trim: Pink Satin Ruffle

Modeled by my 14 year old.

Close up of Trim: White Eyelet Ruffle Modeled by my 4 year old

Close up Trim: Black in white gingham with red cherries and red rick-rack. Modeled by yours truly.
Who says the 40 year old women with junk in the trunk or a little curves,
can't look good in trendy fashion? Laugh-Out-Loud :)

So what do you think? I had fun creating.
My oldest daughter wants to sign me up on "What Not to Wear". My sister-in-law hates them. I say "This is me" my husband agrees and winks at me;)
My little models love them and my 14 year can't wait to wear them on the first day of school, they don't wear uniforms like some of the public schools around here. Although, my children go to Arts Charter School that want the children to express themselves with what they wear.
I think I'll wear my cherry Bermudas today for the Forth of July.
Ciao for now,


The Navarro's said...

Those are SO CUTE!! They're so pretty. I like your black shoes too. You should make more. P.S. Hannah, your shorts are too short.

--Arnnette said...

The shoes are Ked's from Kohl's. I love heals that can support my weight-hehe. I walked 4 miles in them in Payson. They supported my arch, me, and were comfortable. I love them! And they look chic. Thank you. I want to make more. I'm making shopping bags now. I'm not getting paid to advertise IKEA, Walmart or Target. So I'm making my own. I'll post later this week.
I love you and Ciao for now,

The Navarro's said...

Oh, what a good idea! Make sure to post or send pics when you're done. I might want to start doing that!