Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tea Anyone?

I had to plan the next Amiga's Forever Reunion.
What is the Amiga's Forever Reunion? Some how last fall in September or October, a couple of friends from our 1980's Young Women's and Young Adult years, were able to speak to one another. Have you spoken to So & So?
Then So & So knew the number to So & So, And then So & So had the number to another friend, that in December we all got together at Molly's Home.
It was so nice to see each other.
Some of us hadn't seen each other for over 20 years! Some of our friends could not make it but came to our February Reunion. Some friends, well we now have their address; communicate through email, blogs, etc. because they live across state or country!
We now meet every two months. Someone hosts the party and comes up with the next reunion at their home, restaurant, park, etc.
I had April. Since May is the month of Mothers Day, I chose a tea party at my Mama's home on the last Saturday of the month, April 25th.
Thank you Mama and Mundo for allowing me to have it at your home.
My home, well, it is small.
So off I went to antique shops and Goodwill stores for tea cup sets.
As my gift to all the guest everyone took home a tea cup for remembrance.
I bought a variety of tea cups, kinda the shabby vintage look.
Then I sterilized the cups!
Next I created the invitation. A Tea Cup Invite with "You're Invited" on one end of the 'teabag' and the information on the other end. They could use as a bookmark if they wanted and reminded of the date. The inside as well had more information a separate insert for directions to the house. Each "Amiga" was to invite one guest of honor: mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or friend who is a mother.
On the day of My four-year-old helped me set up along with my parents.
Thank you Mama, Mundo, & Ayla:)
Mundo was was worried that no one would show up and the food would waste.
Then he was complaining that it looked like a wedding shower.
What is it with guys that they just don't understand we women and girls love to be pampered and have everything looking just right. Actually, I probably would have done with out the slipcovers on the chairs, but mama, it did look good, Thank you. Need less to say everyone came.
Ayla was upset later when she found out she couldn't attend.
Now I need to plan for a
Garden Tea Party this summer for her friends.
Here we are, The Amiga's Forever Club: L to R
Vasthy Sister, Eloina, Olibia, Carol,
Yours Truly, Molly, Vasthy, Rebecca, Cristina, Adriana, & Veronica.
Here we are with our guest of honors. I invited my sister Luisa as well, however, she felt sick and left early before we even took pictures:(
The Guest on the bottom are: L to R
Vasthy sister, Sister Mora, My Mama Jinette, Sister Lopez,
Sister Gaytan, My step dads mama; Mama Maria, & Sister Crandell
Here mother and daughter, Maly & Molly,
have a poem/sing off.
Here I am with Mama Maria. She had been sick lately and
we were lucky to have her here with us.
Here I am with my Beautiful Mama.
I took off my hat and I paid the price with my hair!
Here is Molly posing with her hat.
As well as Cristina & Rebecca,
who by the way started our reunion.
Here Molly, Cristina, & Rebecca.
Here is Las Tres Hermanas:
Veronica, Adriana, Molly
Here is Cristina with my Mama
Here is Las Dos Hermanas: Eloina and Olibia with
their Tia Gaytan
Here are two more sisters:
Vasthy on the Right with her sister.
This bugs me that I don't remember her name!
Playing games. It was a nice day. Everyone loved the tea cups and food. Each of us gave our guest of honor a gift or shared a poem. Each of us enjoyed each other's company and shared memories together.
Ciao for now,

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